Imagine driving a motorcycle with no wheels and 36-inch wheels (about 91 cm)? Does this motorcycle with a 300 hp Rolls Royce engine look a bit like a motorcycle in the movie "Creation: Wars"? It is learned that this super cool motorcycle is a masterpiece of the former Brazilian F1 driver and motorcycle custom maker Tarso Marques.

Its name is to pay tribute to the Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont - the Brazilians believe that Dumont made the plane before the American Wright brothers.

Since it's related to airplanes, it's not surprising to see that it uses the Co ntinental V6 engine built by Rolls Royce.

300 hp is not a small number for a motorcycle, and when you see the logo of the car - two huge, 36-inch wheels and their connection, you will definitely stun the chin.

Coupling Transform:  It is true that the power consumption rate of T-BFP is higher to M-BFP, so there is a requirement to transform the M-BFP, in order to decrease the station service power consumption rate. The methods of transformation including the followings:

coupling connected directly, frequency control, external lube oil station

replace gearbox, transform booster pump add new motor

tretain coupling function, external oil station recover oil system

This transform project could save standard coal 3594t every year for a 300MW unit power plant. ( Ningxia Maliantai Power Plant 1# unit has finished in 2012 ).

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Coupling Transform

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