The demand for excavators in Jiangxi province is above the mid-stream level in the country. In 2017, the cumulative sales volume of excavators in the province reached more than 4,700, ranking eleventh in the provinces of the country. So, in Jiangxi, which excavators are selling well? If you want to start an excavator, what models are worth recommending? Let's take a look at the most common choices in the local market in 2017.

From the sales point of view, Jiangxi users are more patriotic product brand, Sany, XCMG, Liugong sales of the top three brands, followed by Caterpillar and Doosan. In 2017, Sany sold about 800 units in Jiangxi Province, 680 XCMG, 530 Liugong, 450 Caterpillar and 430 Doosan.

From the tonnage point of view, the excavator in the range of 5 ≤ a ≤ 6 ton in Jiangxi province is the mainstream model. In 2017, it accumulated sales of nearly 2,000 units, accounting for 42% of the total sales; followed by 6 <a ≤ 13 and 19.5 <a ≤ In the 24.9-tonne interval, the sales volume was 890 units and 840 units respectively.

Looking specifically at the best-selling models, there were 10 models in Jiangxi Province in 2017 that had a total sales volume of more than 100 units, and sales of three models were more than 200 units. The highest-selling model is the XCMG XE60D, with a cumulative sales volume of 265 units; followed by Doosan DX55-9C with sales of 228 units; and Liugong CLG906D with sales of 221 units. The above three models are all 5 ≤ a ≤ 6 tons. Other models with higher sales volume are: modern R215VS, Caterpillar 305.5E2, Sany SY75C-10, etc., with sales of more than 150 units.

Let's look at the excavator friends in Jiangxi Province on the Internet (iron arm mall) focus on models - Caterpillar 306E, Trinity SY60C, Trinity SY75C-9, Caterpillar 305.5E, Komatsu PC200-8 and so on.

Well, the above is the choice of users in Jiangxi Province in 2017 when they purchased an excavator. The question now is, did you buy an excavator in 2017? Or are you ready to shoot in 2018? Welcome to say your choice!

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