(1) The flow of gas in the pipeline is caused by the energy provided by the fan and the resulting pressure head. Part of the action head is used to overcome the frictional pressure loss of the pipe, and the other part is used to overcome the local resistance of the local components of the pipe and the dynamic pressure loss of the pipe outlet.

Pipeline design calculations, mostly using flow rate control. The pipe diameter and pressure loss are calculated by using the gas flow rate in the pipe as a control factor.

In the pipeline, the gas flow rate is high, the pipeline section is small, the consumption of materials is small, and the manufacturing cost is small, but the system has large pressure loss, high running cost, large wear on the pipeline, low gas flow rate, large pipeline section, large consumption of materials, and manufacturing cost. More, but the system pressure loss is small, and the running cost is low. In the dust removal system, the flow rate is too low, the dust is easily deposited and the pipeline is clogged, and the selected gas flow rate should be considered comprehensively. Check the minimum speed table of dust-containing gas in the pipeline of the dust removal system. Sand, vertical pipe 14m / s, horizontal pipe 17 m / s, take 18 m / s.

The steps to calculate the pipeline are as follows:

1. Arrange the pipeline reasonably and go deep into the site. After investigation and research, strive to be reasonable.

2. Draw a sketch, number the pipe segments, and note the pipe length and air volume.

3. Determine the wind speed and calculate the pipe section size.

4. Calculate the pressure loss of each segment.

5. Calculate the total air volume and total resistance, and select the fan based on these two data.

(2) In order to save energy, the air volume adjustment valve on the pipeline can be closed when some dust removal points are not working.

(C), the horizontal pipe and other places that are easy to accumulate ash should design the ash discharge port, usually sealed, and regularly cleaned.

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