Steel slag is an industrial waste residue produced in steelmaking production. It is a product formed by cooling various non-steel melts during blast furnace steelmaking. There are many types of steel slag, of which converter slag accounts for the majority. Steel slag is generally gray, brown to grayish white, and there are differences depending on its composition and composition. High hardness steel slag (non-expanded slag) proportion of generally> 3%, according to the genesis, particularly those containing iron component a greater difference. Steel slag is easy to grind and hard to grind.

The main mineral composition of slag is tricalcium silicate, dicalcium silicate, calcium forsterite / pyroxene, dicalcium iron, manganese / iron / magnesium oxide solid solution, the reaction of lime is not generated, since the slag into the furnace There are certain differences in the raw materials, and the cooling process also has a certain influence on the mineral phase, such as a large amount of glass phase in the water quenching slag.

In addition to the slag component part containing recyclable, its physical and chemical properties suitable for cement industries, construction use, which is needed for crushing slag can be utilized, low-phosphorus high alkalinity (calcium after grinding High magnesium content) Steel slag can also be returned to the converter as a substitute for steelmaking accessories such as fluorite .

Steel slag beneficiation is mainly to recover the useful iron-containing components, including large iron, granular iron, and finer triiron tetroxide. Useful with the above ingredients are ferromagnetic, and therefore slag magnetic beneficiation processes are the most important, is a domestic iron metal selected from the slag is generally about 10%, Wuhan 8.5%.

When the steel slag is subjected to magnetic separation, the process is divided into two types: dry magnetic separation and wet magnetic separation. Among them, dry magnetic separation mainly recovers large iron, wet magnetic separation recovers granular iron and triiron tetroxide.

Before the dry magnetic separation, the steel slag needs to be crushed. The working equipment is mostly jaw crusher . After each stage of crushing, the magnetic pulleys are used for pre-selection, and the tailings with no iron or low iron content are selected. Carry out the next step for the coarse concentrate product.

Steel slag containing large iron is easier to choose. The iron in the steel slag is also better selected. It can be completed by using magnetic field equipment with lower magnetic field. In the process of dressing, it is from coarse to thin, from strong to weak. Magnetic selection is sufficient.

The beneficiation of granulated iron products, because the granular iron contained therein is coarse and difficult to grind, special attention should be paid to the grinding operation time during ore dressing to prevent unnecessary circulation of coarse iron in the grinding system.

For steel slag, the value of steel slag after the selection of granulated iron, and the recovery of iron concentrate from it will be greatly reduced, although from the phase point of view, the steel slag after the selection of metal iron still contains a certain amount of ferroferric oxide and Ferric oxide, but due to the complex composition of steel slag phase, the mineral size of this part of the mineral is fine, and the relationship with the gangue mineral intrusion is complicated. From the perspective of grinding cost, the value of recovering this part of iron is not great. When the converter slag is used in the manufacture of cement, the iron contained is a useful component and can be used as an iron-corrected raw material, so that it is not necessary to perform fine dressing after dressing.

Taking the steel slag after partial selection of granulated iron as an example, under the condition of fine grinding to -200 mesh = 100%, the beneficiation is performed using a weak magnetic magnetic separator with a magnetic field of 1200 Gs, and only concentrate having a TFe content of more than 40% can be obtained. The product has little difference with respect to the concentrate index under coarser grinding conditions.

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