Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the "Strategy for Key Innovation Actions in the Energy Technology Revolution." The following is the "energy technology revolution focused on innovation roadmap for action," the full text of the coal mining harmless excerpts:

Roadmap for innovation of coal harmless mining technology

(1) Strategic direction

1. Safe, efficient and intelligent development of coal resources.

The focus is on research and development and research on hidden exploration of coal mining, comprehensive management of major disasters, emergency rescue technology and equipment, comprehensive and efficient development and utilization of coal-based symbiotic associated resources, improvement of coal resource recovery rate, intelligent coal mining, and underground gasification.

2. Green development of coal resources and construction of ecological mines.

Focus on research and development of green efficient filling and mining, green and efficient sorting technology and equipment, mining damage monitoring and control, mining subsidence area treatment and utilization, water conservation, comprehensive utilization of mine water, deep purification treatment, and ecological environment management. Research.

(ii) Innovation goals

1. 2020 target.

The level of safe, green and efficient mining technology for coal has been greatly improved. Large and medium-sized mining areas have basically achieved safe green mining, and the rate of raw coal washing has reached 80%.

The environmental damage is reduced by more than 70%, and the land management rate of coal mines is more than 85%. The basic realization of intelligent mining, mechanical equipment and intelligent control systems are fully covered in coal production, and the number of coal mining faces in key coal mines is reduced by more than 50%. the extent of the country's coal mining machinery more than 90%, the degree of mechanization of tunneling to reach more than 65%; single gasification gasification 500,000 tons of coal in the mine.

2. 2030 target.

Coal achieves scientific production capacity. Realize safe mining of coal; basically build a green mine, the raw coal washing rate should be washed and washed, and the mining environmental damage is reduced by 90%.

Above, the coal mine stable collapse land treatment rate reached more than 90%; to achieve intelligent mining, the key coal mining areas basically achieve unmanned work surface, centralized control, coal mining mechanization degree of more than 95%, the degree of excavation mechanization reached 80 More than %; large-scale underground gasification mining mines to achieve industrial demonstration.

Outlook for the year of 2005.

Completely build a safe, green and efficient intelligent mine technology system to achieve safe, green, efficient and intelligent production of coal.

(3) Innovative actions

1. Key technologies for geological support and safety construction.

Research on western coalfield geological exploration technology, deep and intelligent geological drilling technology and equipment, helicopter time domain aviation electromagnetic technology, UAV aeromagnetic technology, environmental geology and disaster geology evaluation and coal mine safety geological support technology; Key technologies for safe well construction in alluvial vertical shaft construction, drilling in the weak weak coal seams in the west, and freezing in the inclined shaft along the large inclined long axis.

2. Intelligent detection of hidden disaster factors and major disaster monitoring and early warning technology.

Research and development of intelligent detection technology and equipment for major disasters such as coal mine water damage, fire, gas, roof and impact ground pressure, research on major disaster hazard sources and precursor information identification and self-analysis evaluation techniques, research and development of basic parameters related to accident hazards, engineering parameters Information monitoring technology and equipment such as personnel and equipment operating status and fault parameters, as well as major disaster intelligent early warning technology.

3. Deep coal mine rock and thermal power disaster prevention and control technology.

Research and development of deep mine stope and surrounding rock control technology and equipment, deep mine coal mine gas disaster control technology and equipment based on regional pressure relief and cracking and pressure relief, and research and development to resist mud and liquid nitrogen The comprehensive prevention and control technology, technology and equipment for natural fire in deep mines; research on deep mine comprehensive heat pollution control technology based on concentrated cooling and local cooling.

4. Emergency rescue technology and equipment for major accidents in mines and underground projects.

Research and development of high-reliability unmanned detection technology for major accidents in coal mines, rapid construction technology and equipment for rescue channels, emergency communication for disaster-changing environments, and technology and equipment for distressed personnel search, as well as distributed joint simulation rescue training drill system and integrated management information platform.

5. Key technologies for efficient coal mining and intelligent mine construction.

Research and development of complete sets of technologies and equipment for intelligent working face of coal mines, efficient and rapid excavation technology and equipment for roadway, and high-efficiency and high-recovery mining technology and equipment for thin and thin, large dip-yloppy and extra-thick coal seams; research and development of 10 million tons of mines Large-scale lifting equipment, coal mine intelligent power supply and distribution and energy-saving technologies; research mine massive data storage management and parallel analysis technology, coal mine intelligent forecasting and decision-making systems based on cloud services and big data technology, and mining sensing, management, diagnosis and maintenance technologies.

6. Comprehensive development and utilization technology with coal resources.

To study the detection and fine identification technology of coal and associated resources in coal mining areas, as well as underground water storage, deep purification treatment, comprehensive utilization and water environmental protection technology; research and development of western coalfield fire control and thermal energy utilization technology, coal and coalbed methane mining and gas Efficient extraction and utilization of technology and equipment; development of "coal-water-gas-heat- uranium " multi-resources mining key technologies.

7. Coal mining and ecological environment protection technology.

Research and development of underground mining and charging integrated technology and equipment, green structure filling and control of rock stratum subsidence key technologies, and key technologies and equipment for continuous and semi-continuous mining process production systems of large open pit mines. Carry out research on coal-free continuous mining, water-retaining mining, remote sensing monitoring of mining environment, monitoring and control of mining damage, high-intensity large-scale mining, overburden movement and control of shallow coal seam mining in western China, research and development of fine coal mining and meteorite Downhole filling disposal technology and equipment.

8. Key technologies and equipment for efficient coal sorting.

Research and development of coal fine-grained heavy medium sorting technology, high-efficiency dry coal preparation technology, coal product quality monitoring and intelligent control technology of coal preparation process, 10 million tons/year modular washing technology and equipment, and comprehensive utilization technology of coal slime in mining area.

9. Mining surface remediation and reconstruction technology.

Study coordinated development technology of coal mining and urbanization construction, precise monitoring and restoration technology of high-intensity mining subsidence and ecological evolution, and mixed storage technology of red mud and coal gangue; research and development of mining landforms, soil, vegetation, water body reconstruction and landscape Reengineering technology.

10. Coal underground gasification mining technology.

To study the identification of the occurrence conditions of gasified coal seams, as well as the high-reliability monitoring method of the combustion working surface position of underground gasifiers, the development of the pull-back gas injection equipment and process, and the filling and gas filling of underground gasification. The replacement technology and process of the working face group.

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