Compared with traditional electrical fire monitoring systems, smarter power is more intelligent and efficient. Compared with the current popular electrical fire monitoring system, smart power monitoring system has an absolute advantage in price and can be easily built. Its own smart electricity security risk management service platform.
What is a smart power monitoring system?
Le Bird Technology 'Intelligent Power Safety Hazard Supervision Service System' is a big data-based electrical safety hazard investigation and management system. It collects and uploads real-time operational data of electrical lines through intelligent sensing terminals. The early warning platform discovers electrical safety hazards and hides hidden danger information. Push to users, management platform to monitor hidden danger information, and provide electrical hazard risk assessment report to government regulatory authorities, carry out comprehensive professional management services under the line, investigate and manage hidden dangers, and finally form an effective closed loop of electrical safety hazards from discovery, supervision to governance.
As the most scientific, most reasonable and most effective electricity safety supervision method in recent years, it has also been promoted in China in recent years. In many intelligent power monitoring system manufacturers, Le Bird Technology has become a modern smart power industry. model. However, the price of smart power system has always been a key factor that plagues users. How much does a smart power monitoring system cost? In the face of the current market difficulties in smart power purchase, difficult procurement, difficult installation, price opacity and other factors, Le Bird Technology has opened an online ordering platform, completely improving the smart power monitoring system products, installation, after-sales and other processes, It has realized the services of transparent price and integrated procurement of smart power monitoring system products, providing users with one-stop solutions.
1. Equipment cost. That is, intelligent power monitoring intelligent terminals, smart power monitoring data service fees, and so on.
Different smart power monitoring and installation companies have their own pricing standards. At present, the reasonable construction cost of smart power monitoring is generally recommended. System products account for about 49% of the total price, labor and others account for about 10%, and these sub-items account for a higher proportion.
2. Monitoring points and configuration.
How do you count your own monitoring points? Le Bird Technology was introduced in a previous popular science article. Mainly to look at: the number of cabinets and the number of locations to be monitored, etc., specifically require professional site visits.
3. Subsidy policy.
Regarding the local subsidies for the smart electricity safety hazard supervision service system, the subsidies in different provinces are different. This requires consultation with local policies.
As a system engineering, the post-maintenance and data service of the intelligent power hazard supervision service system is also an inseparable part of the price of the intelligent power hazard supervision service system. The professional design plan and standardized construction can guarantee more comprehensive protection. User intelligent power safety hazard supervision service effect. As the leading pin in the smart power industry, Le Bird Technology has been in the field of power safety for many years. Whether it is product quality, construction technology or after-sales service, we have a strict service standard system. At present, users are located in various provinces and cities across the country. Please consult the detailed configuration of the intelligent power safety hazard supervision service system.
How much does it cost to install a smart power monitoring system? Compared with the current popular electrical fire monitoring system, the smart power monitoring system has an absolute advantage in price.

Automatic Blister Forming Machine

Automatic Blister Forming Machine application

This machine is adapted for PVC, PP, PET, PEGT, OPP, POF, PS, ABS etc, it can transform plastic sheets into various plastic blisters. These blisters are widely used in hardware, stationery, commodity, electronic products, health products, disposable cups etc.

It is a fully automatic, can work 24 hours continuously, mainly used in blister mass production.

Advantages of automatic blister forming machine

Automatic blister forming machine parameters



Forming Length

760mm (adjustable)

Forming Width

420~610mm  (adjustable)

Forming Height

150mm (highest)


3-10times/min(accordance with product figure and thickness)

Rated Power


Air Compress Power

15KW/20HP (customer preparation)


380V 50/60HZ

Overall Dimension





Automatic blister forming machine features

Vacuum pump

Germany BUSCH (100) 



Digital dispaly time



Japan Mitsubishi

Air switch

Japan Mitsubishi


Japan Meiji

Solenoid valve

Britain Norgren

Air cylinder


Energy-saving heating tiles


Voltage control

60 Imports of silicon

Automatic blister forming machine

Automatic Blister Forming Machine

Automatic Blister Forming Machine,Plastic Blister Packaging Forming Machine,Automatic Vacuum Blister Forming Machine,Automatic Blister Vacuum Forming Machine

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