For a glimpse of Shanghai's urban flair, sightseeing buses are sure to be one of the best choices for tourists. Recently, a group of Yuchai Yaxing double-decker sightseeing bus has joined the team of Shanghai sightseeing tour routes. The vehicle has intelligent functions such as AI brush face car, car WIFI, one-button voice translation, and intelligent audio navigation, which unlocks the new city tour. mode.

It is reported that Shencheng Sightseeing Lines 1 and 2 were officially put into operation on December 18, 2018. The vehicles were powered by Weichai WP10 bus, which attracted tourists to the main attractions such as Oriental Pearl, Yu Garden, Waibaidu Bridge and the Bund. In view of the excellent operational performance of Weichai Engine and Yaxing Bus in the past year, the customer has added orders again.

The double-decker bus delivered this time is equipped with AI face recognition, car WIFI, intelligent voice translation, intelligent audio navigation and other functions, so that the process of taking a sightseeing car is not only a rush to pass the "view along the way", but can be deeper and faster. Into the city. In particular, the AI ​​face recognition function can automatically verify the identity of tourists. Visitors can get on and off the car simply by brushing their faces, eliminating the cumbersome multiple ticket inspections, providing a new experience for contemporary customized urban tourism and boosting tourism. New changes. (This article is from Weichai)

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