1) The hold-down clip is strong enough to hold the knife section in cutting position.
2) Casting and steel punching quality is available.
3) All Kinds of knife hold down clip is main apply in combine harvester like John Deere, New Holland,  Case, Ford and so on
Hold down clip Item No, for John Deere are, AE57172, E78274, E81963, E81948, E39298, AE57173, E79958, H127801, H129024, Z232690, H95175, H84412(H227801).
Hold down clip Item No. For  are, 500053SG3, 84073333, 6267481
Hold down clip Item No. For MF, 055657P1, 055658P1, 71346158, 206195,
Hold down clip Item No. For Case, 28283934
Hold down clip Item No. For NH: 87060147
Hold down clip Item No. For BISO, 301B23
4) Order with dimension or with a technical drawing or sample.

Company Introduction
We are specialized in supply of spare parts for combine harvesters. Theses products are exported to the each corner of the globe. Our annual sales volume exceeds $7million.

Our Product Range
Our main products include knife section, knife guard, rasp bar, agricultural belt, agricultural chain, gears, shafts, harrow disc, spring tine, sprocket, pulley, ball joint, knife head, agricultural bearings and so on. They are mainly used in John Deere, New Holland,  MF combines. All kinds of ball and roller bearings are our 2ND main business. EMQ bearings, linear bearing and ceramic bearings are our advantages.

Why Choose Us
We refuse low quality products. This is the key to our success. Customer satisfaction is our target. To ensure this, a sophisticated quality control policy is enforced in every phase of our transactions. Sealed samples of consignments are well kept for further track. But we are committed not only to meeting the demands of customers, but also suggesting ways to improve products' functions. With this superior and exceptional service, we are well developed along with our customers. Expertise and know-how ensure that we are always enjoying the trust from our customers in our business activities. "Quality", "honesty" and "service" is our principle. Our loyalty and commitments remain respectfully at your service.

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  1   Item Name   Combine Harvester Knife Section Hold Down Clip
 2   Material   65Mn or T9
 3   Hardness   HRC48-58
 4   Teeth   Pressing or Milling Teeth
 5   Surface Treatment   Spray Paint,Power Painting,Galvanized
 6   Color   Zinc Plating,Red or according to your requirement
 7   Function/Use   Widely used for John Deere,New Holland, Case,MF,Kubota,Yanmar.
 8   Feature/Characteristic   Long using life and the reasonable price
 9   Advantages   Professional production team,excellent engineer,high quality productions
 10   Certificate   ISO 9001:2008
 11   Place of Origin  NingBo
 12   Package   25 pieces one box,200 pieces one carton, 10000 pieces one pallet and it is available to supply colorful package according to your requirement.

Lost Wax Casting is the main technology of investment castings. In most conditions, it can be regarded as Investment Casting. The main process of lost wax castings is: mould design--mould making--wax injection--tree assembly--shell making-dewax-shell roasting-pouring-cleaning-heat treatment-machining-package.

Advantages of lost wax castings:

a, Accuracy: dimension tolerance--CT5~CT7,roughness--Ra2.5~6.3μm,weights range from 10g to 80kg;

b,Surface shape and inner cavity is almost not limited, we could manufacture lost wax castings with minimum wall thickness 0.5mm;

c, Almost all kinds of material can be used, such as steel, aluminum, copper, superalloy and so on.

Disadvantage of lost wax castings:

The production cycle is relatively long and it is not suitable for large products in terms of the features of this kind of process.

Classification of lost wax casting:

1. Sodium silicate casting: large surface roughness, low dimension accuracy with short shell making cycle. The hardening technique is chemical process. Normally most of Carbon Steel Investment Casting and alloy Steel investment casting are made by this kind of lost wax casting process. 

2. Silica sol casting: Small roughness, high dimension accuracy with high material costs and long shell making time. The hardening process of shell is a natural process under certain temperature and humidity. Normally stainless steel investment castings are made by this kind of lost wax casting process.

As a leading manufacturer of lost wax castings, A&M has the experience to produce almost all types of lost wax castings. Most of our lost wax castings are widely used in automotive, aerospace, marine, medical equipment, power plants and other industries

Lost Wax Casting

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