It is undeniable that from 2009 to 2019, the sales volume of Kelan has achieved a leap in the development process in the past 10 years, from the initial annual output of tens of thousands of tons, to the production of more than 100,000 tons this year, the sales have been more than a dozen. Double the improvement. Behind this, it is supported by Kelansu's differentiated competitiveness based on market layout, product development, and service-based behavior.

Kelansu 10th Anniversary Celebration

Targeting the market, it will seize opportunities and create opportunities

Under the premise of increasing sales, aiming at the market accurately, and taking opportunities to create opportunities, this may be the development idea that kelan is different from other brands. Even in the environment where the market is not mature in the era of the national three and the national four regulations, Kelan is still in the market and is accumulating. It can be seen that in the current good market, the sales volume of Kelansu, which has a daily shipment of over 1,000 tons, is taken for granted.

"To do sales, we must seize every opportunity, even a driver, a bucket of urea." Wang Lanbing, sales director of Kelan Su, told the China Truck Network reporter, "In the early stage of sales, most users do not understand urea, we need to spend A lot of time to give them science, most of the original urea is sold in such a barrel. At the same time, in the national three, national four regulations, users shield the sensor to save costs, or do not use urea, urea The demand was small at the time, but Kelan did not give up the market layout, and even lost money to open the market."

Kelan Su sales director Wang Hongbing Kelan Su sales director Wang Hongbing

"In the midst of a downturn in the market, what Canlan wants to do is not only to seize opportunities, but also to create opportunities." Wang Hongbing further said. In order to lay out the needs of the next stage of development, Kelan began to make technical exchanges with the OEMs, establish communication with large transportation companies, improve their product research and development capabilities, improve their own brand building, and cultivate team talents while doing science popularization. Through a series of reserves and preparations to create greater development opportunities.

If you have the opportunity, you will have something to gain. In the past two years, the domestic automotive urea market has begun to pick up, and Lansin has achieved certain results in the distribution of sales channels. Wang Hongbing told reporters: "From the OEM to the gas station customers, to the team's major customers and after-sales channel distributors, the number of customers can be increased very quickly every year. And the dealers have grown from the original 100,000-level dealers to the present. With more than 100 million dealers and even 20 million dealers, the growth rate of the Lansell sales network is also relatively fast. At the same time, Kelan has also passed U ant activities and station activities. Non-stop interaction to increase user stickiness, let users understand Kelansu from a deeper level, and thus drive market sales. These are the main reasons for the increase in sales of kelansu.” Now, the performance of Kelansu is from the beginning. After entering the market and laying out the market, the manufacturing opportunities will come.

While aiming at the market, Krasin's product development work has not slacked off.

Products should be user-needed, so that "we are not the same"

After all, good products are the core driving sales. Not to grab the market at the price, to survive by quality, is the company's commitment to product development. In response to market and user needs, Kelan has a competitive advantage in competing products regardless of whether it is used in automotive urea, filling equipment or other after-treatment products.

"Kalans always believes that products should be won by quality, users will say well after use, and there will naturally be a market after accumulating word of mouth." Wang Hongbing said, "At present, according to market research, users have a real need for urea. Less, no crystallization, and kelansu smooth product is launched to solve these two problems." As one of the "representatives" of uranium automotive urea products, the smooth use of patented membrane filtration technology production It can effectively reduce the occurrence of crystallization and prevent impurities from clogging the SCR system. In addition, the nano-catalytic technology applied in the product can increase the surface tension of urea molecules, so that the atomization effect is better, the conversion efficiency is increased from 70% to 90%, and the consumption of common urea is reduced by 10%. The unique competitive advantage of the product.

Kelansu smooth products Kelansu smooth products

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the company's development, Kelan Su released the National Sixth Emissions Total Solution for the National Six Regulations and Market Development Trends. This is the first time that the automotive urea industry has proposed a holistic solution.

The China Truck Network reporter learned that the overall solution of the Kelan Susan Emissions includes Guoliu Lubricants, Kelan Suchang Pro Urea, and diesel DPF cleaning kits. It can be seen that Kelansu is not limited to the development of urea for vehicles. It is also the chain product layout. Each product launched by Kelansu is also required by users at the new regulatory stage to solve the problem.

However, the wine is also afraid of the deep alley, and good products should also be accompanied by good marketing methods to achieve good sales results.

Wang Hongbing told reporters: "The sales positioning of Kelansu is good and not expensive, convenient and affordable. Around this sales concept, we have to do four things: to see, buy, hear, and want to get. Layout, intensive distribution and display sales, so that users can better see and buy. At the same time, we must also do brand promotion, do a good job, and carry out promotional activities in logistics parks, parking lots, ports, etc. Let the user hear and think. Only by being closer to the user for marketing, can the user's knowledge of the kansin brand and products be deepened."

Good products are close to the user's marketing methods, which is the different strength that Kelansu dares to challenge the new high sales.

Take the lead and build the post-market service platform

Service is the guarantee after the sale of products, especially in the era of national regulations, the market for automotive urea is expanding, and the number of urea brands is increasing. As a result, market competition becomes more and more fierce. It is imperative to build a commercial vehicle after-market service platform.

"When entering the national six regulations, the market competition will be more intense." Wang Hongbing introduced, "At present, oil giants such as PetroChina and Sinopec are accelerating the layout of urea for car use, and the competitive pressure on prices will become greater and greater. At the same time, the national six regulations have higher requirements on urea quality, and the consumption will increase from 5% to 8%. The urea market will usher in an outbreak period. After ten years of market layout, kelan has already obtained the market and User recognition, at this stage to build a post-market service platform, Kelan has a first-mover advantage."

"As a key work to build a service platform, Kelan will strengthen cooperation between platforms, borrow G7 platform resources to divert stores, strengthen the driver service experience, and finally realize a new model of kelansu + Internet sales." Wang Hongbing added, " In the face of the sixth country, Kelan will not only strengthen the technical upgrading of the products, but also strengthen the urea in the six provinces. It will also strengthen the driving experiment with the main engine factory, and grasp the matching between the urea products and the whole vehicle from the source. In addition, the kelansu It will also continue to promote the layout of the filling station, and continue to develop the gas station, major customers, and channel customers."

Kelan and G7 maintain strategic cooperation Kelan and G7 maintain strategic cooperation

In the environment of environmental protection and emission standard upgrading, whether it is the respect and understanding of the market, the energy investment of product research and development or the forward-looking development vision, it can be said that Kelan is a unique enterprise in the industry. This is also the source of Kelansu's ability to differentiate. We also have reason to believe that in the market to a good environment, a reliable brand of automotive urea is gaining more recognition from users.

Reading volume: Source: Chinese network of truck: Wu Yi

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