Plant diseases are different from plant pests. Plant diseases are caused by infection by spores of pathogens. However, plant diseases and plant pests are very harmful to crop growth, which affects the normal growth of plants and leads to crops. Death and severely reduced production, so the prevention and control of plant diseases and plant pests are often placed in the same important position in the agricultural field. Since the source of plant diseases is pathogen spores, avoiding the epidemics of plant diseases, or starting from the spores of the pathogens, using the remote camera spore trap to automatically capture spores, remote viewing and analysis, help to seize the favorable opportunity and carry out scientific source management. To reduce disease losses.

Remote camera spore trap

The spores of the pathogens are diffused in the air and ready to harm the organism at any time. It depends on the external conditions such as temperature and humidity, which are not suitable for the spore sprouting. In general, these spores encounter a suitable organism, rapidly germinating and causing harm under conditions of humidity above 80%, and even infecting the organism to which it is infected in one night. The spores of these germs are invisible, and it is not easy to prevent them. Therefore, they can only be captured by professional instruments. In the past, spore traps were used, but now they use remote cameras with higher degree of automation and intelligence. Spore trapping device.

After the remote photo-type spore trapping device is installed, the visualization, networking and standardization of the spore-forming bacteria can be realized, so that the disease analysis is more convenient and accurate, and the staff only needs to accurately grasp the dynamics of the corn spore disease before the computer, and timely Farmers provide targeted disease prevention guidance. At present, with the application of these intelligent plant protection system equipment, the level of pest control prediction and comprehensive prevention and control in the field of plant protection has been greatly improved, and the threat of pests and diseases of agriculture in China has become stronger and stronger, which has played an important role in the development of green agricultural production. Power boost.

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