The smart lock industry has great prospects for development in the coming years, but at the same time, franchisees need to be cautious in their choice of business opportunities.
In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the home furnishing industry is naturally following its wave, among which the development trend of smart homes is the most rapid, and the competition among companies involved in this industry is also increasingly fierce. However, despite this, the gap in power between enterprises is still very obvious, and most small businesses are small and loose in the big environment. Faced with the trend of quietly reshuffling the hardware industry, some small enterprises lacking brand awareness and having limited independent research and development capabilities are facing the inevitable. But for the franchisees, the smart lock industry's flourishing development and broad prospects can still give them a little peace of mind. However, besides being at ease, you need to be more cautious when joining. Only by seeing the status quo in the market can we calmly make choices.
Smart lock industry market has considerable potential
People’s living standards are constantly improving, and comfort and safety issues in the home environment have also risen to a new level. The smart home industry is marked by intelligence, from the buds of previous years, to the current trend of breaking promise. The rapid development is evident. It is understood that in Europe and the United States and other countries, smart lock penetration rate of 50%, and in South Korea, even reached 90% in China, the current penetration rate is only 2%. Under the general trend that smart homes will inevitably popularize people's lives, this indicates a huge business opportunity in the smart lock market. The huge business opportunities are not natural to all brands. According to surveys, young people now have a stronger brand awareness. They have very high requirements for the product's personalized design, intelligent experience, and material quality. For smart door lock companies, technology and innovation will face enormous challenges.
Enterprises face survival challenges
Some industry experts predict that smart door locks that can survive in the market in the next few years are not so much now. In an increasingly competitive market, who knows how to meet the customer's smart demand, who can truly seize the market. Just like a certain smart phone, it is obviously unwise to focus only on running points, and to leave the user's rigid needs and intelligent experience aside. Products that cannot meet customer needs cannot be called good products. For the smart lock market, it is also the same, there is strength, there is a brand accumulation, companies that pay more attention to user needs can easily develop rapidly, and blindly imitate the lack of core technology, small businesses will face the risk of being eliminated.
Smart lock industry brand awareness is becoming stronger
Companies wanting to achieve significant growth in the smart home industry must enhance their brand awareness. The brand is the core content of the product, and the brand awareness is beyond the reach of other marketing methods. In the developed country market, brand identification has replaced product identification and has become the only element of market selection. Once the brand enters the human brain and becomes a kind of memory, the brand will also exist in the brain in the form of matter, thus forming a brand awareness. Brand awareness Our overall impression of a product represents the brand. For example, when we want to eat potato chips, we think of Bexique. When we want to buy a camera, we think of Nikon, Canon and so on.
All franchisees facing business opportunities should, under the broad prospect of development, have a correct grasp of the market and then accurately choose the brand that truly deserves the trust of consumers.

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