New environmentally-friendly technologies, such as power-to-gas and biogas production systems, are reported to change the demand for the entire natural gas industry, including natural gas metering. As a result of these trends, future natural gas metering will face new natural gas mixtures, including a host of non-traditional fuels such as hydrogen or carbon dioxide, which pose a challenge to existing gas metering technologies. For many years, with its commitment to solve the above problems, and with a major breakthrough in micro gas metering, SingTel has developed a completely new technology to measure the thermal characteristics of indoor gas.

Sheng Si Rui plans to SGM6200 series of new products added to the current SGM6000 product portfolio, the new technology to further commercialize. Sheng think sharp SGM6200 series products to meet current and future market demand. The single module of the SGM6200 covers natural gas and natural gas mixtures of type H, L and E (as defined in EN437), including non-traditional fuel gases with up to 25% hydrogen. The SGM6200 Series outputs temperature-compensated natural gas metering to match the most widely used natural gas billing system today. Competitive prices and ultra-low power consumption of less than 10μA, Sheng Si Rui customers can design a very competitive tip gas table.

At present, Sheng Si Rui plans to February 25, 2018 to provide samples. It is planned to begin production of the G4 module for the SGM6200 series in the third quarter of 2018. By evaluating other physical properties of natural gas, the SGM6200 Series paves the way for the company to realize its vision of directly measuring the energy content of natural gas in natural gas meters.

SDDFZ filter housings are designed in accordance with international regulations. They consist of a filter head with a screw-in filter bowl. Standard equipment: 

-Service access on the right 

-Without clogging indicator.

DFZ filter Symbol.

Filter Element

Filter elements are validated and their quality is constantly monitored according to the following standard:

ISO 2941

ISO 2942

ISO 2943

ISO 3724

ISO 3723

ISO 3968

ISO 16889


Filter elements are available with the following pressure stability values

BH/HC: 210bar

Stainless steel fiber(V) 210bar


Compatibility with hydraulic fluids ISO 2943

-Hydraulic oils H to HLPD DIN 51524

-Lubrication oils DIN 51517, APJ, ACEA, DIN 51515, ISO 6743

-Biodegradable operating fluids VDMA 24568, HETG, HEES, HEPG





Special Models and Accessories

-On request



Pressure Filter for sandwich stacking

Temperature range

-10℃~ +100℃

Setting pressure of clogging indicator

△Pa=8 bar±10%

DFZ mode code

DFZ dimension

Sandwich Stacking Pressure Filter

Paver Filter,Filtration Filter,Sandwich Stacking Pressure Filter,Sandwich Stacking Pressure Filtration

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