On December 8, 2016, the “2016 Jiangxi Urban and Rural Environmental Sanitation and Solid Waste Disposal Exhibition” co-hosted by the Jiangxi Provincial Urban Construction Management Association City Appearance and Environment Sanitation Committee and Shandong Xinyihua Exhibition Co., Ltd. was held in Nanchang International Exhibition Center. . The conference aims to promote exchanges and cooperation among industries in the industry, display the results of the “Rural and Rural Environmental Hygiene Cleansing Action”, and promote outstanding environmental sanitation technologies, new equipment, and new technologies to the environmental sanitation departments at all levels to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the urban and rural sanitation industry.
Heavy Trucks hits heavily Heavy Trucks hits heavily

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. As one of the earliest production of sprinkler business for many years to sanitation product development, production and sales, for urban construction of hard work ahead, pioneering and innovative. The environmental sanitation exposition Jinan Special Vehicle Company carried the “Green Leaf” brand JYJ5257GSSE1 multi-function sprinkler developed by the company. In front of the booth, leaders of municipal environmental sanitation at all levels stopped and listened, and highly praised and recognized the new technology and new technology of the product.

This product has the following features:

1. The chassis is the most advanced MAN lineage T5G product of China National Heavy Duty Truck. It adopts German standards completely. The car body is stylish, powerful, WABCO, Germany Volkswagen, Germany Bell and many other outstanding international partners. The product has light weight, low fuel consumption, reliable performance and no overhaul mileage of over 800,000 kilometers.

2, the car's biggest bright spot: the car during the spraying process is not affected by starting, parking, shifting, reversing, etc., is equivalent to the original car is equipped with an independent engine, to avoid the traditional technical limitations of sprinklers. The traditional sprinkler can only be used to step on and off the clutch, and it is started after the first pick-up force. The shift cannot be achieved during the driving process. The starting block is the driving range. When the speed is required to accelerate, it can only be achieved through the large throttle. The spray volume and spray pressure are completely subject to the chassis engine speed, which is neither environmentally friendly nor economical. At the same time, the damage to the vehicle itself is also greater. The car has performed technical innovations on traditional sprinklers, and the operation is very simple. The pump can be started, operated and shut down only by pushing and pulling a handle, and the flow and pressure of the water pump can be freely controlled without being subject to the gears and Engine speed. For special needs such as precise spray by the user, the car can be upgraded with a simple upgrade.

3, tank assembly: The tank is welded with high quality steel plate, the design capacity is large, reduce the number of water. The tank section is elliptical in shape, and the head is processed with advanced edging machine equipment. The 9-meter automatic welding machine processes the weld with uniform, reliable and firm appearance and beautiful appearance; the tank body is fixed with “U” bolts through the legs. On the car beam, it is more stable and firm; the tank body is coated with food-grade anti-corrosion coating after shot blasting, and the outer surface is sprayed with polyester paint, which has strong anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance; the structure of the liquid tank seal is reasonable and the service life is long. Long, solid tank, not easily deformed.

4. Waterway system: mainly composed of water pump, front spray, post-spray, two-way side spray (all adopt pneumatic control), high pressure water gun, self-flow port, high-pressure water discharge, self-absorption function device, etc., between each device through the steel pipe or high pressure hose As well as a variety of switch valves that are linked together as a single unit, the piping is more compact and compact, allowing it to perform its best.

5. The spray angle can be adjusted. Sanwan sanitation spray gun coexists with the front spray, effectively improving the efficiency of road washing.

6, after the use of hole-style sprinkler mode, compared with the traditional post-sprinkler sprinkler surface is wider and less watering.

7, choose aluminum side fence and double rear bumper, more beautiful and safe.

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