Magnetic rollers, also known as magnetic pulleys, have both permanent magnets and electromagnetics (Figure 1). The structure is simple and can be directly installed on the head of the belt conveyor, or it can be configured as a separate dry magnetic separator. The magnetic material is adsorbed as the belt moves to the top of the drum, and automatically falls off when it is turned to the bottom, while the non-magnetic material falls directly along the horizontal parabolic trajectory. It can be used for the removal of iron from materials, especially for the pre-selection of magnetite ore. Ordinary magnetic roller has a feeding size of 75~10mm, and the size of the large magnetic roller can reach 350mm. At present, China mainly produces permanent magnet magnetic rollers.
1. Antimony ore Xenon mine produces XCT type rare earth permanent magnet magnetic roller (magnetic pulley), which has remarkable characteristics such as high magnetic induction intensity, light weight and wide application range. Its scope of application is as follows:
(1) The rough selection of the lean iron ore after initial or medium crushing, and part of the waste rock is excluded to reduce the load of the next process.
(2) It is used for sorting before iron ore smelting to improve the quality of the furnace.
(3) For the hematite reduction closed-circuit roasting operation, the raw ore that has not been fully reduced is sorted and returned to re-burn.
(4) Used for iron removal of old sand in the foundry industry.
(5) Used in the ceramic industry to remove the mixed iron in the porcelain mud and improve the quality of the ceramic product.
(6) for burning coal in the mixed iron species removal, improve the combustion quality and combustion avoid agglomeration.
(7) Removal of iron in other industries.
The magnetic roller produced by the factory and its technical performance are listed in Table 1, and the external dimensions are shown in Figure 2 and Table 2.
2. Shen Mine The company began to produce CT type permanent magnet magnetic roller from the mid-1970s. Its structure is shown in Figure 3. The external dimensions are shown in Figure 4 and Table 3. The main technical parameters are listed in Table 4.
Its characteristics are: reliable mechanical performance, excellent processing quality, sturdy and durable, and easy maintenance.
In order to meet the needs of users, the factory developed and produced a large magnetic roller of Φ1050mm×1600mm in 1991, with a magnetic induction strength of 165mT. The mining mine can also produce magnetic rollers of different specifications according to user requirements.
3. Tianyuan Technology CTDG dry permanent magnet bulk magnetic separator is a new product developed by Mayuan in the 1980s and has been continuously improved. This product is produced by Tianyuan Technology.
The main purposes of the machine are: 1 for the pre-selection of the magnet selection plant, throwing away the waste rock in the mixed ore, restoring the geological grade, improving the processing capacity of the plant and saving energy; 2 for recovering iron ore from the waste rock in the stope stone, mineral improve resource utilization; â‘¢ a steel plant, processing steel scraps, recycling metal iron; â‘£ for waste, sorting useful metals.
The first generation of products is represented by the CTDG-1210 bulk magnetic separator, which was awarded the national patent in 1985. Its characteristic is the use of composite magnetic system, high magnetic induction, advanced structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. It has been widely used in mining, mineral processing plant.
The second generation product CTDG-1516N represented type bulk magnetic separator, all-titanium-iron-boron based permanent magnet material, which has a higher magnetic flux density than the first generation, and since the permanent magnetic system consisting of The amount of material used is reduced to reduce the weight of the equipment. In terms of design, improvements were made on the basis of the first generation of products. On the one hand, it is developing to large scale to meet the needs of large-scale mines for dry bulk magnetic separators. On the other hand, the large-scale magnetic separator is designed according to the relevant standards of the belt conveyor driving drum, which makes it versatile, and can be used as a single machine or as a belt head wheel, which is convenient for the users to carry out on-site transformation. The second generation of products has been rapidly promoted and applied in the mine and is well received by users.
The external dimensions of some models of the CTDG type dry permanent magnet bulk magnetic separator are shown in Fig. 5 and Table 5.
At the same time, the large magnetic separator is developing in the direction of high power and long belt. For example, CTDG-1010N magnetic separator belt used in Shandong Hanwang Iron Mine has a length of 70m and a driving power of 70kW. The CTDG-1214N magnetic separator belt used in Xishimen Iron Mine of Hebei Province has a length of 130m and a driving power of 130kW.
In recent years, the specifications of bulk magnetic separators have increased. The bulk magnetic separators of different magnetic systems currently produced are listed in Table 6. In addition to the large magnetic separators listed in the table, we can also design and manufacture large-scale magnetic separators of various specifications according to user requirements. This further broadens the application range of bulk magnetic separators.
4. Liaoyan Magnetic The company is mainly engaged in the production of magnetic separation equipment . The technical parameters of the permanent magnet magnetic cylinder produced are listed in Table 7.
5. The mechanical mine hospital North North mine hospital mechanical type CT and the permanent magnet magnetic drum YG production, high-performance strontium ferrite magnetic source (or titanium-iron boron magnet) material, uniformly distributed within the barrel pole group The circumference forms a full-circular magnetic system, and the magnetic system and the cylinder rotate together with the belt at the same speed, and the work is stable, safe and reliable. It is mainly used for the selection of magnetite ore, and can also be widely used for iron removal of non-ferrous metal ore, steel slag, building materials and other materials. Its technical performance is listed in Table 8.
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    Table 1   Table 2   table 3   Table 4   table 5   Table 6   Table 7   Table 8 [next]
Model meaning example YG100-A-1: Y - permanent magnet, G - roller, 100 - with belt width (cm), A - transmission mode, 1 - installation form.
YG type magnetic roller has two transmission modes, in which the A-type main shaft extends out of the bearing seat and can be connected to the transmission device. The B-type main shaft does not extend out of the bearing seat, and the transmission device cannot be connected.
6. Zhen magnetic The factory produces permanent magnet and electromagnetic magnetic roller.
(1) RCTG type permanent magnet magnetic roller. It is suitable for the purification treatment of iron and fine powder materials in coal, electricity, sugar and other conveying systems, the recycling of steel slag and the iron removal of sugarcane in sugar factories, to prevent the destruction and wear of equipment in the next process. Reliable protection; at the same time, it can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, ceramics, glass, chemical, building materials, food and other industries.
The series of magnetic roller is easy to install and maintain, stable magnetic field, strong suction, continuous operation, simple operation, automatic iron unloading, no energy consumption, and is designed according to GB988-77TD belt conveyor standard. Its appearance is shown in Figure 6, and the technical parameters and dimensions are listed in Table 9.
(2) CFDL, CFD type electromagnetic magnetic roller. It adopts rotary DC electromagnet, which is mainly used in the belt conveyor system instead of the driving wheel or the driven wheel. It can automatically separate the ferromagnetic substances in the non-magnetic material on the conveyor belt. It can be widely used in casting, building materials, metallurgy, mining, Chemical, electric power, food and other industries. When the material layer is thick, it can be used with the suspended iron remover to achieve the desired exhaustion rate and has the characteristics of continuous operation.
The shape parameters and installation dimensions of the magnetic roller conform to the TD type universal tape conveyor roller parameters. CFD series core copper windings, CFDL series aluminum core winding.
The outer shape of the CFD and CFDL electromagnetic magnetic drums is shown in Fig. 7. The technical parameters and mounting dimensions are shown in Table 10.
7. Yueyang Hongyi Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yue Magnetic, former Yueyang Lifting Electromagnet Factory) produces permanent magnet and electromagnetic magnetic roller, and has two series of products.
(1) YL 1 type permanent magnet magnetic roller (magnetic wheel) makes the magnetic system, the shaft and the outer drum as a whole, and is processed into a convex form on the outer surface of the drum. It is most suitable as a top pulley for belt conveyors to remove iron sheets from the material being conveyed. Since it can generate a strong magnetic field, the separation ability is large. The magnetic wheel has a simple, firm structure and is easy to maintain.
The outline of the YL 1 type permanent magnet magnetic roller is shown in Fig. 8. The main technical properties and dimensions are shown in Table 11.
(2) ML 1 electromagnetic magnetic roller. Used as the top pulley of the belt conveyor, the ferromagnetic material in the material being conveyed can be removed. Due to the deep magnetic field and strong magnetic force, it is suitable for removing small iron parts and recovering them. If the excitation system is interlocked with the transporter, the effect is better. The machine can work continuously throughout the day. Its appearance is shown in Figure 9. The main technical properties and dimensions are listed in Table 12.
8. Jiang Magnetic The factory mainly produces CTG electromagnetic magnetic roller (electromagnetic pulley), and also produces permanent magnet magnetic roller, which can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, foundry, chemical, power generation and food industries. The main technical properties are listed in Table 13, and the outline and installation dimensions are shown in Figure 10 and Table 13.
9. Baotou New Materials Application Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as Baotou Application Institute) BX series dry permanent magnet magnetic roller (magnetic pulley) produced by Baotou Application is a new type of high-efficiency beneficiation equipment, which has been widely used in metallurgical mines. Other industries, and obtained national invention patents. The magnetic system of the device is made of high quality ferrite material or combined with rare earth magnetic material. The cylinder magnetic induction range is 150~170mT. The magnetic system is composed of patented technology, with high magnetic field strength, large penetration depth, advanced structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. In addition to stereotyped products, it can also be developed according to user's specific needs with different magnetic field strengths and applicable to various belt specifications. The magnetic separator (magnetic pulley) has formed a series of products to meet the needs of large, medium and small mines. The magnetic pulley is mainly used for pre-selection of magnetic separation plant, throwing waste rock mixed into ore, improving the processing capacity of the concentrator; recovering iron ore from waste rock; treating scrap slag, recovering metal iron; treating garbage, sorting Metal, improve the environment.
The technical parameters of the BX series magnetic pulley are shown in Table 14, and the external dimensions are shown in Figure 11 and Table 15.
10. Qingdao Shengjian Machinery Factory (hereinafter referred to as Qingdao Shengjian) The factory mainly produces electromagnetic magnetic roller (electromagnetic pulley). The main technical performances are listed in Table 16.
    Figure 6   Figure 7   Figure 8   Figure 9   Figure 10   Figure 11
    Table 9   Table 10   Table 11   Table 12   Table 13   Table 14   Table 15   Table 16

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