Sichuan Mianyang region Yanmen pyrite, is located in Baoji-Chengdu railway Yanmen Dam. Beneficiation plant scale in processing raw ore 150,000 tons. Designed to produce 55,500 tons of concentrate with 40% sulfur.

Yanmen Pyrite Mine is a carbonate-type pyrite deposit that is replaced by low-temperature hydrothermal filling. The ore body is found in the dolomite dolomite . The ore composition is single and the surrounding rock alteration is simple. Useful minerals mainly pyrite (content of about 25% to 60%), followed by dart marcasite and trace sphalerite; gangue minerals are dolomite (content of 40% to 60%), and has A small amount of mud, organic carbon and quartz . Shallow ore severe secondary changes, metal oxide minerals limonite, goethite water, hematite; oxidation of non-metallic mineral water mica, clay, chlorite. The ore is mainly composed of granular and gelatinous structures, followed by mesh and comb structures. Among the ore structure types, pyrite is rich, the inlaid grain size is 0.03~0.05 mm; the disseminated structure type, the pyrite grade is lower, and the particle size is also smaller, 0.03~0.1 mm.

Most of the ore selected for the ore is scattered and scattered, the particles are smaller, the grade changes greatly, the sulfur content is about 6% to 33%, and the average is 10% to 20%. The ore contains 5% to 10% water and 7% to 20% mud. The ore hardness coefficient f = 12 ~ 14, the loose density is 3.2 ~ 4.0 tons / m3. The main chemical composition of the ore is shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Analysis of chemical composition of ore (%)

The mining method is “bottomless column caving method”, and the mining degree is 0-400 mm.

At present, the actual ore dressing technology process of the concentrator is: two-stage open-circuit crushing, one-stage closed-circuit grinding and one coarse and two-sweep flotation process. The obtained flotation concentrate foam product is finished after being concentrated and filtered in two stages of dehydration. The flotation tailings are sent to the tailings dam for storage by means of concentrated overflow water. The number of mineral processing processes and quality processes are shown in Figure 4. The process equipment contacts and their main equipment are shown in the following figure.

Mineral processing equipment contact map

1- HBGI1200×4500 plate feeder; one 2-PEF600×900 jaw crusher ;

One 3-PyB1200 cone crusher ; one 4-PyD cone crusher ;

Two sets of 5-MQGф2100×2200 lattice ball mills ; two sets of 6-FLG single spiral classifiers;

2 sets of 7-ф2000×2000 mixing tank; 12 sets of 8-XJK1.1 flotation machine;

9-TNB15 peripheral drive concentrator 2; 10-TZG10 folding belt vacuum filter 2

Since the plant was put into production in 1982, the average annual output of concentrates is about 30,000 tons, which has not yet reached the design level. The average ore content of the ore is 14.71%, the concentrate contains 36.95% sulfur, the moisture content is 9-11%, the fineness-200 mesh accounts for 74%, the theoretical recovery rate of concentrate is 93.20%, and the actual recovery rate is 89.34%. The grade contains 1.58% sulfur. From 1982 to 1984, the main technical and economic indicators of the concentrator production are listed in Table 2.

Table 2 Main technical and economic indicators of the concentrator

Double-Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

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