[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today, I will introduce a national invention-invented patent—antifreeze water meter. The patent was applied for by Hangzhou Water Meter Co., Ltd. and was authorized to be announced on February 8, 2017.

Description of the Invention The utility model belongs to the technical field of measuring instruments, in particular to an anti-freezing water meter.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION A water meter is a water meter designed for use in environments above freezing, so many areas, particularly in southern China, have not used any freezing precautions to protect the water meter. When extreme cold weather strikes, the water medium in the water meter becomes ice medium. When the valves at the two ends of the water meter are closed or the pipes at both ends are frozen, the volume expansion pressure formed by the ice in the water meter is rapidly transmitted to the case. , watch glass and other water-impregnated plastic parts, resulting in the explosion of the case, watch glass or other plastic parts. This damage to the water meter not only makes the water meter itself unable to work, but may also cause other problems due to water leakage from the water meter, such as high-level water leaks into elevators, road ice, etc. The provision of an additional anti-icing device for the water meter is not only costly but also unfavorable for installation and reading.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The purpose of the present invention is to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art and provide an antifreeze water meter that overcomes the problem of the existing water meter being susceptible to bursting and damage in a frozen environment.

The figure is an application example of a simple antifreeze device of the utility model

The purpose of the utility model is accomplished through the following technical solutions, including a case, a window member, a pressure member and a movement component, the movement component is placed inside the case; the window member and the pressure member are placed into the case. The upper opening is located directly above the movement component; the anti-freezing device is installed in the bottom of the case, and the anti-freezing device is located directly below the movement component; the anti-freezing device consists of a base, a cavity, and an elastic cover. In the composition, the elastic cover is inserted into the opening of the base through a sealing ring seal or ultrasonic welding, and the space formed between the elastic cover and the base is a cavity, and the base is in contact with the bottom of the watch case.

Preferably, when the bottom of the case is arc-shaped, it is a simple antifreeze device; the base in the antifreeze device is arc-shaped, and the base is located at the bottom of the circular arc at the bottom of the case; and the antifreeze The elastic cover in the device is a cover made of an elastomer material. When the bottom of the case is a raised U-shape, it is a complex anti-freezing device; the base in the anti-freezing device is U-shaped, and the base is located in a U-shaped groove protruding from the bottom of the case; and The elastic cover in the anti-freezing device is composed of a cover made of a hard material, a spring and a sealing ring. The sealing ring is placed outside the elastic cover. The elastic cover is placed in the opening of the base and sealed by a sealing ring. One end of the spring is sealed. It is fixed on the inner wall of the elastic cover, and the other end is in contact with the bottom surface of the base.

The beneficial effects of the utility model are as follows: 1. The anti-freezing water meter is used, and there is no fear of water leakage due to frost cracking, water measurement disputes and other property losses caused by water leakage; 2. Different freeze protection structures are selected for climatic conditions in different regions. The model is based on local conditions and saves costs; 3. The simple structure of the antifreeze device, the water meter parts change is small, the assembly is simple, and conducive to upgrading; selection of complex structure of the antifreeze device, water meter antifreeze ability, can be repeated without damage.

For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.

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