On February 23, good news came from the Binzhou region of Shandong. 70 Haoqi J7G LNG tractors from China National Heavy Duty Truck successfully delivered Xiwang Logistics. The two parties held a grand ceremony at Zouping. Zhang Xiaodong, general manager of Sinotruk's sales department, Fuxing Wu, general manager of Xiwang Logistics, and Wang Wei, deputy general manager of the company jointly attended the ceremony, based on the outstanding product performance of Sinotruk. With high-quality and full-service services, the two parties reached a consensus to enhance strategic cooperation and conducted a grand award ceremony.

At the ceremony, Zhang Xiaodong stated: “The sales concept of Sinotruk is not just the sale of pre-sale vehicles. What's more important is to do a good after-sales service, to serve our partners well and to protect their vehicle operations. To create more economic benefits so that long-term and effective cooperation can be established."

As the most influential logistics company in Zouping, Xiwang Logistics has formed a logistics transportation network centered on Zouping and radiating across the country. From the first batch of 10 tentative purchases in March 2016 to the second batch of 70 full purchases in January 2017, it took less than one year for Hao Hao products to rely on its timeliness and economy. Sex and light weight have won the recognition of Xiwang Logistics. After the delivery of 70 Haoyu J7G tractors, Xiwang Logistics has a total of 80 Haohao series models.

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