The purpose of the implementation of the reform is to reduce the double taxation of business tax, optimize the structure of the tax system, and reduce the tax burden on enterprises. As a matter of fact, logistics companies that have been incorporated into the "business-to-business reform" have not tasted the sweetness of reducing the corporate tax. Logistics is one of the earliest pilot reforms in the country. Logistics companies generally reflect that the increase in tax reforms has increased the amount of tax payment, and in particular, some small and medium-sized logistics companies have reached a difficult stage.

According to the plan of the reform, according to the general taxpayer standard, the transportation industry adopts a 11% value-added tax rate instead of the previous business tax rate of 3%, while warehousing, distribution and freight forwarders use a 6% VAT rate instead of the past. Business tax 5% tax rate.

The operating costs of logistics have risen rapidly. In particular, the increase in labor costs, warehouse rents, and oil costs have swallowed most of the profits, while logistics companies have low freight rates. The increase in the number of operations for the reform of the business will undoubtedly worsen the grim situation in the entire logistics industry.

Today's logistics companies account for 15%-20% of corporate operating costs, labor costs generally account for 40%-50%, and oil costs and operating costs already account for 60%-70% of corporate operating costs.

As a logistics leading enterprise in Hunan Province, Anhui Express Logistics Co., Ltd. is determined to build China's Federal Express, and its development momentum is flourishing. Part of the reason is due to the logistics commercial vehicles produced by Haotong Auto (). In the current era of energy-saving and efficient logistics, the fuel-efficient, high-efficiency, and reduced labor costs of logistics vehicles can significantly reduce logistics costs for companies.

The all-aluminum semi-trailer professionally built by Anhui Tongtong Automobile Co., Ltd. has successfully reduced its weight by 3.4 tons while ensuring its excellent performance. This vehicle model can save 45,000 liters of oil during the life cycle and reduce CO2 emissions by 110 tons.

The van is easy and flexible to operate, requiring only 5 minutes to unload, open and close the roof. It takes only 24 minutes to load once, increasing efficiency by more than 65%. The car adopts a top-opening box structure, which is very convenient for the lifting of cargo. Greatly reduce the risk of high-altitude operations like the test car, solve the cumbersome cover and labor problems, effectively reduce labor costs. The sliding type is used to open the front and back of the canopy, and the driver can easily handle it without using more manpower and save time.

After the implementation of "Camp Reinvention Plus", logistics companies are more concerned about the control of costs, taking the road of energy saving and high-efficiency sustainable development is an inevitable trend, and the cost of control should start from a long-term perspective.


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