Xiao Bian teaches everyone how to adjust wheelchair weight scales today

1, see the value

If the value is within -50KG, then the core of the sensor is an elastic body. If the elastic body is not reset, it will show a small negative number like -10 -20KG.

These are normal, press the zero key on the meter

2, there is a negative number

For example, a weight is on an explosion proof scale, and then someone presses the zero key. When the weight is off the loadometer, it produces a negative number equal to the weight of the weight.

3, first outside, later inside

Do not open the case without moving. If you do not have preliminary judgments and exclusions, you would like to spread the stalls. It is by no means an old-handed practice. Looking to open the case to see where there is a broken line or obvious failure, it is purely luck, and even good luck can not be like this every time. About 50% of the faults are caused by the external environment or operations, cleaning, etc. If the shutdown time is long? Is there a large temperature difference between day and night? Is the position of the weighbridge instrument placed close to the elevator car? What equipment is in use near the instrument? Is the computer setting correct? Wait.

4, personally repeat the failure (if it can be repeated)

Do not rely on the dictation or narration of the user or the third party. Careful observation does not rely on the user's dictation, especially the third party's statement. Some weighbridge operators, in order to shirk their responsibility, would say that the instrument itself suddenly ..., did not move anything, etc. These are understandable. The engineer will handle it properly.

5, first power, after the host; first accessories, after the host

Should first check the power supply is stable, the load is too heavy, the weighbridge is good, the electrode and other accessories are good and normal, the interface is correct.

6. Make full use of the various keystrokes, display screens, and operation or maintenance procedures on the surface of the instrument platform. Exclude them. This requires an extremely familiar structure. (Important steps)

7, understand the user's operating habits, the structure and level of the operator, the economic situation of the department will also be of great help to the weighbridge maintenance. If it can be inferred how well the cleaning and maintenance are, if there is any idea to be updated (otherwise, no matter how it is repaired, it will not be good).