In terms of overhaul and technological transformation, we have implemented a management method with a starting point and quick results.

That is to say, for the long-term steel production cycle, the use of internationally advanced equipment and technology, optimization programs, smart and low-cost, smart and efficient, scientific organization, [shortening the technical transformation and maintenance time, so that equipment as soon as possible. The company also implements a system combining production workers, maintenance workers and professionals to conduct special inspections. It has repaired the 7-star equipment management standards and operating rules, and basically formed a standard production version that adapts to the deepening and development of equipment management. The company has also formulated the "Regulations on the Construction of Computer Information Systems of the Company", in order to strengthen the management of the information management system of the computer information system 05. [Cheng Cheng, the contribution of the Wuhan Qingshan Yingshan Steel City, the 32-integrated compressed air dryer There are two main types of compressed air purification methods commonly used today, namely freeze-drying method and adsorption drying method. The biggest difference is that the freezing method is remarkable, but the pressure point must be on the freezing point: OtレッOn the above, it can not meet the cleverness of petrochemical production; the adsorption method can achieve higher dryness, the pressure point can reach 20~40 knots, but the energy consumption is large, and the regeneration gas consumption reaches 15~port% without heat regeneration type. How to combine the characteristics of the two has become the hot-spoken lesson for the developers of compressed air dryers. The LDA3000 composite dryer produced by Guangxi Liuzhou Air Compressor Co., Ltd. has successfully solved this problem. It is a combination of organic and frozen suction series temperature change and pressure change, and the use of pre-stage freeze-drying, post-stage adsorption and dry new technology, purification. It can be controlled in a timely manner, changing the way of using the fixed-time switching in the past, and automatically controlling it to achieve the purpose of saving. The use of smart point control variable cycle adsorption operation, so that the smart gas consumption domain is as low as 3, greatly reducing energy consumption. The valve 11 is added between the freezing and the adsorption, such as bypassing and isolating, so that the operation mode of the machine is extremely flexible; when the adsorption or freezing part is separately repaired, the process can be carried out without stopping. It provides a clever guarantee for the continuous operation of petrochemical industry. X02.01 [China Longhua Chemical Company Luoyang Branch Power Plant Huaxue Li for Qiaohe Henan Luoyang City Geely 471012 hose tired in the gold mine slurry transport application effect good gold mine concentrator pulp transport Putan adoption, pro Such a cleverness has the disadvantages of cleverness, shackles, and large maintenance workload. From the beginning of the 1st year of the 9th year, we have used the new series of a series of smart tubes produced by Beijing Kelitong Co., Ltd. After more than two years of practice, we have received good results.

The hose system, also known as the fan, is a kind of volumetric industrial pro. The rotor of the system rotates along the rubber hose of the root tanning. During the rotation process, the tube is crushed, the tube medium is pressed out, and then, due to the original state of the hose, the population is vacuumed and sucks the medium. As the rotor rotates continuously, the medium is continuously sucked and discharged. The pro has the following characteristics: 1 sealed, no deficiencies. 2 The performance is stable, the operation is stable, the movement is light, the sound is small, and the fixing and moving are convenient. The light hose cavity transport medium does not create any blockage. The concentration of the transport medium can be greater than 7, so the concentration of the material to be transported is not high when the site is smart. The rate of the department is greatly improved. 3 Deliberately low, simple maintenance, durable. This type overcomes the fact that the PN system parts wear too fast because the system and the running part are not in contact with the clever medium. The hose is only soft and is a wearing part. The soldier hose is not only self-sufficient, but also skillful. It can send smart media with great flexibility. Just replace the hose and do not carry out other routine maintenance. Occasionally, shaft seals, bearings, etc. occur. Compared with the mouth, it can save a lot of maintenance man-hours, and the domain is less skillful and self-contained. 4 power can be smart, saving energy.

The hose is specially suitable for slurry processing of process operations such as beneficiation and liquefaction. With the use of a smart motor or a frequency converter, the flow rate of the Xu can be adjusted according to the needs, and the 7-marathon trolley and the suction phenomenon can be solved. The energy saving effect is obvious, the hose that meets the production conditions of Tongxiang is soft, and the power is only 1/21/3 of the 2 pros and the power saving rate is on the %.

The heart 3 supporting motor 1 is a good example. The power of the hose with the same production process is 5.5kW. The annual electricity cost is 20,200 yuan, the maintenance cost is reduced by 20, and the service life is increased by 2.5 times. The annual saving equipment is 46,000 yuan. At present, Zhaojin Group has used a total of 47 soft shovel, completely replacing the PN tidy, overcoming the defects of high energy consumption, easy deficiencies, large maintenance workload, poor hygiene and other defects. Pro-saving Fangyuan every year. X02.0104[Shandong Zhaojin Group Company Ma Liangqiao, Li Qiao for the improvement of the structure of the water injection tank of the cultural road of Zhaoyuan City in the east to solve the problem that some oilfield formation pressure can not be self-satisfied, using pressurized water injection Process, but due to the difference between the design conditions of the pressurized water injection system and the actual use conditions, the operation effect is not good, the transmission box is high in temperature, the bushing is sharp and the connecting rod is smart. According to the analysis, it is mainly due to the inconspicuous structure. Due to the pressure of the pressure-injection water inhalation, whether it is a large plunger return force during the stroke or return stroke, the motorcycle is ingeniously formed into a moisturizing body, and the operating conditions are deteriorated.

To this end, according to the actual situation, we changed the liquefaction structure from the original single-acting single-action type to the differential type, which is characterized in that the pressing medium of the system is not discharged secondly, but the plunger is generated after returning to the plunger. A reverse force is used to eliminate the return force generated by the suction pressure acting on the plunger. At the same time, it also adopts a clever wall-type connecting rod structure and a fly-by-sleeve type. The design is applied to the orthogonal design test method.

The actual use effect shows that the liquefaction of the water injection system adopts the differential structure, which eliminates the return force of the plunger, greatly reduces the load of the 7 crankshaft, and the 7 flow and pressure fluctuations are reduced, which reduces the clever movement and impact. The equipment runs smoothly and skillfully.

[Benxi Metallurgy College Mechanical Department in the supply of Qiao Yuning Benxi City 6200 type governor remote control motor assembly domestically produced diesel engine generator set single machine capacity 925kW with the United States Woodwa company produced PGG200 type smart, in In operation, the built-in servo motor is built up, the working life is short, and the price is expensive.

Tian Huatong and Dian Xia