With the gradual arrival of the “Spring Offensive” in 2015, the car companies have made significant efforts in the development of new models. Among them, SUVs and MPVs have become the targets of many OEMs. Industry analysts believe that with the changes in the consumption structure of China's auto products, the multi-function car market may usher in a fierce battle.
Taking Jiangling Motors as an example, the company announced on February 12 that it plans to invest in two new models of the N330SUV and J20 heavy trucks. The former is a self-developed SUV product with a total investment of 1.12 billion yuan. The latter is a newly developed and introduced heavy truck product. The initial cost of the project is 1.173 billion yuan.
Along with the development strategy of strengthening and expanding commercial vehicles and making excellent passenger cars, the strategy of JAC's plus yards advantage field is gradually being rolled out. The company announced on the 12th that it plans to invest in its new MPV model, Ruifeng M4, SUV new Ruifeng S7 and new generation heavy truck N221. The total investment in fixed assets of the above three projects is about 440 million yuan.
There are also some auto companies that have chosen to cooperate with international leading companies in the path of investing in new models. The China Securities Journal reporter learned from Beijing Automotive that the company will establish a joint venture with MBtech. The two companies will develop new models and develop core components through cooperation in the development capabilities and technologies of automotive products.
With the continuous launch of new models and the steady increase in the market share of existing products, many stable car companies have raised their car sales targets for 2015. Taking Great Wall Motor as an example, the company has always been known for its SUV. In addition to the three new models H2, H1 and H9, the coupeC and H7 and H8 will be launched one after another, further enriching the product line. According to public information, Great Wall Motor's target sales in 2015 was 850,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 16%.