In the first phase of China's chlor-alkali, we used two methods to measure the same sample several times. When using the national standard one method, first calculate the theoretical use of the ammonia used in the solution, then measure the solution value. In order to accurately determine the amount of nitrogen water used, to ensure that the solution is a result, see the table for the two sets of data to test that there is no significant difference between the precision before and after the improvement.

Therefore, our improvement on the method for determination of iron content in industrial synthetic hydrochloric acid is feasible. In practice, it avoids the shortcomings of the use of ammonia in the national standard one method, which ensures the accuracy of the measurement results and is also convenient for operating Yunnan. College of Chemistry College Wang Xiaofeng Hengyang Caustic Plant Nie Qinghua He Zhijian a man one that one selected two check distribution are one or two air compressor cooling water recycling I plant existing Taiwan-type oil-free lubrication air compressor, each design cooling water Consumption--The cooling water system uses manganese sand to remove iron and fresh water for cooling. From the year to the year, the cooling water of the system is directly discharged and not recycled.

During the expansion and repair of the equipment in 1998, in order to save water, it was decided to recycle the cooling water of the air compressor, add storage tanks, pumps and other equipment, and send the recovered cooling water to the soft water station (for the soft water station, the iron-free fresh water) In the operation of producing softened water from the date of the year to the day of December, the use of cooling water does not affect the indicators of softened water. The recycling of cooling water eases the tension of fresh water in our factory and also makes valuable water sources. It has been used twice to meet the requirements of energy saving and consumption reduction.

The cooling water recovery process is shown in the fresh water two...

丰,万冷扫水水一空压机一空压机后冷器一储水箱一泵一exchanger diagram cooling water recovery process flow chart air compressor cooling water recovery secondary utilization process simple and easy to produce for enterprise long-term The economic and social benefits are low, and the cost is low (equipment investment is 10,000 yuan.) Every year, Qiqihar Yongli Company Jia Jinhui Zhang Wei saves water while reducing the consumption of self-use energy. The first-year high-quality epoxy resin plant will be built in Zhangjiagang recently. The Chinese government has approved Dow Chemical to build a high-quality epoxy resin plant with an annual output of 10,000 yuan in the Zhangjiagang area, and plans to start production in the year.

Dow Chemical is committed to developing China's entire epoxy resin market in the Asia-Pacific region with great determination, and will make the production base become one of the hubs of the Asia-Pacific region.

The president of Dow Chemical Pacific Ltd. said that Dow will develop in accordance with world-class environmental protection and safety standards, regardless of where it develops its business (Zhao Bohua)