Laboratory chemical ana1ysis van
It is equipped with laboratory instruments and worktables for van-specific operation vehicles for hydration analysis or oil field and geology testing.

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CNI is dedicated to offer best quality Laser source and Laser Marking Machine with short pulse duration, high peak power, cost-effectiveness and high fine precise marking lines. Compared to traditional marking, the process is more efficient, non-tactile and without any mechanical stress, which is suitable for various marking fields such as diamond, metal, steel, IC, plastics, package, logo, etc. 
Marking product includes parts for cnc marking machine, laser for marking, sub-surface engraving machine, diamond micro engraver, laser deep carved system,co2 Laser Engraving system,Fiber Laser engraving system,Green Laser engraving system,water cooled laser engraving system and end-pumped laser  engraving system.

laser marking system

Marking Samples   

marking samples

Laser Engraving

Laser For Engraving,Laser Engraving Machine,Laser Engraving Glass,Laser Engraving In Wood

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