Water tank dry powder combination fire truck water and powder universal fire truck
Equipped with pump room, compartment, pump system, cooling system and dry powder system, it is used for extinguishing flammable liquids, combustible gas and general electrical equipment in the initial stage of the fire.

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*Chemical metering up to 25L/H

*water treatment for Municipal: dosing additives 

*Wastewater treatment: dosing flocculants

*Percentage adjustment: local adjust percentage for stroke and frequency 0~100%      

*High speed operation: high measurement precisions, up to 360 strokes per minute which eliminate the pulsation effect.                                                                                                             

*Compact size: small, quiet and stable operation                                                                                                                

*Durable diaphragm: the diaphragm is made by PTFE, which is compatible with all kinds of chemicals. In typical use, the diaphragm can last up to five years, which 5 times as national standard GB/T7782-2008                                                                                                        

*Strong stability: working stability in AC 100-240V, and suitable for the range of 50-60Hz                                                                                                                          

* High protection level: protection level reached to IP65, it allowed pump to provide safe services  at severe operaton condition                                                                                            

*Ball check valves: it through double valve ball, seat and sleeve to form the sealing system, that enhance the precision                                                                                                      

*Several types: manual control or automatic control, the automatic control(auto-control solenoid pump) can divided to: 4-20mA electric current signal control, digital impulse signal feedback control, digital impulse feedback control with Rs485 communication interface, 4-20mA electric current signal control with Rs485 communication interface.                                                                                                                                                      

*Level monitor, low-level shutoff with alarm output

Automatic Control Solenoid Dosing Pump

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