With the rapid growth of domestic production capacity and the impact of the global financial crisis, SBS, styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber and neoprene have shown a trend of oversupply. In the next few years, a number of installations will be completed and put into operation one after another. The problem of oversupply of these types of synthetic rubber will become more prominent. Market competition will enter a stage of intensive progress, and the expected revenue of enterprises will be further reduced. This reporter learned from the sixth meeting of the China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association held in Beijing on November 17-18 and the 19th annual meeting of the national synthetic rubber industry.
Wang Yuqing, chairman of the China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, reminded that with the start of production of a number of new plants, some species will gradually shift from supply shortages to a basic balance between supply and demand, and then become oversupply; the expected returns of some conventional general-purpose products will increase with supply capacity. Rapidly expand and shrink. However, at the same time as capacity growth, the status of a single product brand and lack of serialized products has not changed fundamentally.
According to Qi Runtong, the general secretary of the China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, the price of the product has dropped by one step each time a new device has been put into production. Now the price of styrene-butadiene rubber is only 13 to 13500 yuan (t price, the same below), while the price of natural rubber in the 18,000 to 18,500 yuan. The main application areas of SBS footwear industry is shifting to neighboring countries such as Vietnam and India. In addition to the impact of alternative raw materials, the growth rate of SBS market demand is declining. Although the rapid growth of domestic highways this year has brought the SBS market to a fire, it is unlikely that highway construction will maintain such a high growth rate every year. Qi Runtong specifically reminded companies that they cannot use this year's situation to predict the future SBS market.
According to the estimation of China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, this year, the production capacity of styrene butadiene rubber is 1.015 million tons, and the proposed installation capacity is 550,000 tons; the butadiene rubber production capacity is 575,000 tons and the planned installation capacity is 330,000 tons.
For this reason, the China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association recommends that a new, well-organized plant should be constructed in a rational and orderly manner, and at the same time, existing production facilities should be further tapped to improve efficiency. Second, we must form a unique core technology with independent intellectual property rights. Enterprises should focus on the development and production of domestic rare halogenated butyl rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, low cis-butadiene rubber and other high value-added products, other products to be more variety, high performance, multi-function , safety, environmental protection, long-life direction. Third, we must expand the international market, expand the markets of developing countries, and realize the diversification of exporting countries and regions; at the same time, we must shift exports from low to medium-end products to export high-end products.

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