China's first high-end electric spindle company established in Hunan China's first high-end electric spindle company, Hunan Haijie Spindle Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haijie Spindle), was established in Hunan University Science Park recently. Based on high-end electric spindles, the liquid, gas and magnetic levitation technologies developed by Haijie spindles have reached the international advanced level. After the products are molded, they will replace imported high-grade electric spindles.

According to Professor Lin Houbo, a well-known spindle technology expert, to implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on cultivating strategic emerging industries, the independent development capability of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry is gradually increased to meet the basic needs of domestic major industries for manufacturing equipment. It was established as a major special project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the electric spindle is the core component of the equipment manufacturing industry. The establishment of Haijie spindles will integrate the domestic electric spindle technology, which will provide a great space for development and will provide high-end spindle products for China's CNC machine tool manufacturing industry. Its establishment is also in line with the strategic new industrial layout. It is a powerful measure to improve the province's ability to innovate in science and technology and build an innovative province.

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