The system of soil nutrient tester adopts a modular and structured design concept. It can input, store, retrieve, display, actually operate, and comprehensively analyze technical systems in a certain format. It conforms to the design principle of gradual refinement from top to bottom and has a clear structure. Easy to read and modify, simple operation, can significantly increase crop yield and water and fertilizer utilization, has a good non-wide application value.
The soil nutrient tester utilizes artificial intelligence technology to collect climatic data and field experiments. Based on the principle of farmland water balance and the target crop yield, collected soil nutrient status, soil type, soil moisture and other information, the soil nutrient tester uses C language programming. And established. The system controller takes the SCM as the core, and the high-precision soil moisture detector automatically monitors soil moisture changes. The soil moisture meter, sprinkler irrigation, fertilization and the controller are connected to form a complete soil moisture probe moisture sensor, and the controller collects data. Through the combination of human-machine dialogue and menu selection, the required irrigation children and fertilization amount in each growth period of crops are automatically given. The sprinkler flow rate is controlled by the controller and the fertigation process is automatically completed.
The system of soil nutrient tester can determine whether the farmland soil water storage is reduced to the lower limit of crop irrigation according to different crops, different regions, and different periods of climate and crop growth conditions. According to the crop needs fertilizer, accurately determine the amount of irrigation and fertilizer. When the soil nutrient tester system is in operation, it can automatically adjust the range of the sprinkler head according to the width of the plot, and can also be divided into a number of plots according to the plot area. According to the compatibility of the fertilizer, the fertilizer is prepared, and the spray concentration of the fertilizer is automatically adjusted. Spraying flow to achieve automatic precision irrigation and fertilization. The soil nutrient tester system can guide the decision-making implementation schemes for precise irrigation and fertilization of seven crops such as wheat, corn and cotton, and has good scalability.

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