With the development of China's auto industry, various systems have gradually matured. The light truck market has also been baptized, making the high-end light trucks with prominent economic benefits and safety performance compete with each other for being included in the development strategic plan, creating a situation where everybody competes.

The development of high-end markets is the trend of the light-card market. The Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that from July 1, 2013, all production, import, sales, and registration of vehicle compression-ignition engines and vehicles must comply with the requirements of the National IV standard. The scope of the target refers directly to domestic products including light trucks. Diesel commercial vehicle sector. In this way, light truck manufacturers are competing to include high-end light trucks in the development of strategic planning.

Although the national policy has guided the light trucks to move toward the high-end market, the author learned that the user groups of the high-end light trucks are mainly government departments, state-owned enterprises, and some relatively good self-employed private enterprises and private enterprises, while ordinary people and logistics companies still use less. . A dealer pointed out that on the one hand, due to price factors, high-end light trucks have high prices, the general price range is between 10-15 million, and the mid-end needs 7-9-thousand, while the low-end is only 4-6 million can buy. On the other hand, it is related to safety. Economical light trucks generally use gas brakes, and many high-end light trucks use oil brakes. Under high-load conditions, the brake safety of high-end light trucks is relatively poor. Therefore, high-end light trucks are not yet suitable for China's special logistics market environment. They are only suitable for state-owned enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises that run fixed lines and do not overload.

Moreover, according to statistical data, the output of domestic light trucks reached 115,166 units in February 2013. Compared with the same period of previous years, the output of light trucks in February had a significant decline, with a decline of over 32%; The sales volume of light trucks reached 117,958 vehicles. Compared with the same period of previous years, the sales volume of light trucks dropped by more than 31% in February, which shows that the market is only in a low degree. In the first two months of 2013, the cumulative production of light trucks reached 278,603 units. Compared with the same period of previous years, the cumulative production of light trucks increased by 0.68% in the previous two months; the cumulative sales of light trucks reached 268,173 units in the same period of previous year, which was the same period of previous years. Compared with the cumulative sales of light trucks in the previous two months, there was a 2.12% decline.

Although the light truck market is not so boomy, there are still some or all kinds of difficulties on the road to development. However, the establishment of high-end brands of light trucks and the guidance of relevant national policies will only make the outstanding economic benefits and safety performance of high-end light trucks more and more available to users. Approved, this is the most obvious leading development trend in the light truck market in recent years.

It is reported that in 2005, the sales volume of the high-end light truck market was only about 50,000, and its market share accounted for only about 5% of the total light truck market. The market share of medium and high-end light truck products is relatively low, but the demand shows a rapid growth trend. By 2010, the proportion of high-end light truck market reached more than 100,000 units, and its market share may account for about 7%-8% of the total light truck market.

The high-end market for light trucks is represented by Qingling, Ao Ling, Jiangling, etc. The technical common feature is the adoption of Japan's Isuzu technology, which accounts for about 5% of the total light truck sales. The earliest high-end light truck was Qingling, followed by Jiangling, Jianghuai Shuai Ling and Ou Make. Dongfeng, FAW, Futian, Nanjing Automobile, Jinbei, Jianghuai and others all launched attacks on high-end markets.

In May 2012, FAW-Qingdao liberation launched a new "Tiger V light truck". In May 2012, Chery's first light truck product, the Karei Green Card, officially went offline; Futian Oumarco 1 was launched in September 2012, etc. Launched high-end light truck products.

Nanjing Iveco's "Transcendence" in January 2013 attracted more attention. It is understood that "surpassing" is the representative work of Nanjing Iveco's third phase of R&D after the South Cooperation. Nanjing Iveco has become the commercial vehicle company that dares to invest in R&D. Only R&D investment exceeds 1 billion yuan, and Nanjing Iveco's annual output value is about 10 billion yuan. The annual R&D investment of domestic commercial vehicle companies accounts for about 3% to 5% of the total output value.

Ni Feng, deputy general manager of Nanjing Iveco, pointed out: "The car (referring to 'beyond') independent research and development took 4 years, its platform for high-end light-card technology platform, aimed at high-end light-card market for high-end logistics and special needs." Nanjing Iveco total Manager Zhou Liang said that the biggest breakthrough of “beyond” self-development is that the “hard point” parameters of the chassis of foreign reference models have changed during design. Although the cost of development is higher than that of competitors, it greatly improves steering, control and comfort, which will help to occupy the high ground of competition. Due to the advent of the European debt crisis, Italy Iveco is also unable to develop newer follow-up products and will provide technology and support for the joint venture company for a long period of time.

Ni Feng believes that with the acceleration of urbanization, China's logistics industry is showing a new trend of rapid and efficient. This also affected the demand for light trucks to some extent. It is expected that the demand for China's light trucks will rise from the low to the high end in the future. Compared with ordinary light trucks, high-end light trucks have higher profitability. It is reported that the price of high-end light trucks is usually about 30,000 yuan higher than that of light trucks. However, due to higher reliability, the cost of using high-end light trucks is lower than that of ordinary light trucks.

The 2013 young card market is not enough to force, and it definitely has a negative impact on high-end light trucks, but it cannot affect the confidence of manufacturers in the high-end light truck market. The structure of the high-end light truck market is about to change. Whether it is Qingling, Ao Ling, Jiangling’s impact on other brands, whether there will be new breakthroughs, or whether a series of products such as Beyond, Kerry Green Card, and Liberation Tiger V will stand out. Will promote the steady and gradual progress of the high-end light truck market.

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