With the development of modern machinery processing industry, the requirements for the quality and precision of cutting have been continuously improved, and the requirements for improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and having high-efficiency automatic cutting functions are also increasing. As a part of the cutting machine industry, the products we provide will be the most modern and technological. Welcome everyone to discuss cooperation. Details:/
How the digital control system of CNC cutting machine finishes work. In general, the CNC cutting system automatically processes the machined parts according to a pre-programmed machining program (AOTOCAD, a common drawing software). We took the part's processing route, process parameters, tool movement trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle revolution, feed, back knife, etc.) and auxiliary functions (tool change, spindle forward, reverse, The cutting fluid is opened, closed, etc.), programmed in accordance with the instruction code and program format specified by the CNC cutting system, and then recorded in the control medium (such as punched tape, tape, disk, bubble) The memory) is then input to the numerical control machine's numerical control device to direct the machine to machine the part.
This entire process from the analysis of the part drawing to the control medium is called NC programming. The difference between CNC cutting equipment and ordinary hand-operated and semi-automatic cutting machines in machining parts is that the CNC cutting equipment automatically processes parts according to the program, while ordinary hand-use and semi-automatic cutting equipments need to be operated by people. We only need to change the control of the machine tool movements. The program can achieve the purpose of processing different parts. Therefore, CNC cutting equipment is particularly suitable for processing small batches of parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements!
Because the numerical control cutting equipment must process the part according to the procedure, the programming personnel after compiles the good procedure, inputs to the numerical control system to direct the machine tool work. The input of the program is through the control medium. In this way, the use of numerical control system to control the completion of the German machining parts can be modified by the drawing personnel in a timely manner, using more arbitrary, the accuracy of the workpiece parts is also greatly improved than the accuracy of semi-automatic cutting equipment!
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