Wiring requirements for installation of Hefei site access control system
Do not disassemble or replace the controller's chip without authorization. Non-professional operation will damage the controller.
It is not advisable to dock other additional equipment without authorization. All unconventional operations must be communicated to our engineers beforehand.
Do not connect the controller and other high current devices to the same power outlet.
All cabling must be sleeved. PVC tubing and galvanized tubing can be used to prevent rats from biting off the circuit and causing malfunction. Although the controller has good anti-static, lightning-proof and leakage-proof design, please ensure that the controller chassis and the AC ground wire are connected perfectly and that the AC ground wire is grounded.
It is recommended that you do not always remove and insert the terminal block. Always unplug the terminal and perform corresponding welding work.
Safely enter the password.
The installation height of readers and buttons is 1.45 meters above the ground, which can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the customer's usage habits.
Depending on the application, the power-off processing measures such as UPS power supply are used.
The controller is recommended to be installed in a well-serviceable location such as a weak electric well.
The wiring terminal should pay attention to the standard wiring. Do not expose the exposed metal part too long to avoid short circuit and communication failure.
If you need to save the access control event record, read the data from the controller periodically.
Pay attention to the use environment of this product.
The distance between the card reader and controller should not exceed 30 meters.

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