Natural gas flowmeter is a kind of measurable working volume flow or standard volume flow, and natural gas flowmeter has many advantages, and it has important applications in petroleum, chemical, aviation, shipbuilding and other fields. At the same time, we also understand that any instrument will suffer from interference from the outside world during use, which will affect the accuracy of its measurement. Therefore, we need to find out the factors that affect the accuracy of natural gas flowmeters in a timely manner and their solutions:
I. Factors Affecting the Accurate Measurement of Natural Gas Flowmeters
1. Because the gap between the natural gas flowmeter rotor and the shell is small, the particulate impurities larger than the gap cannot pass through, and the easy jamming of the rotor affects the measurement accuracy.
2. As the natural gas flow meter is a volumetric meter, if the metering fluid is collected, although the meter can still operate, it will affect the measurement accuracy.
Second, improve the natural gas flow meter measurement accuracy measures:
1. Due to the small gap between the rotor and the shell of the flowmeter, the particulate impurities larger than the gap cannot pass. To prevent jamming, an appropriate filter should be selected, and special attention must be paid to bypassing the gas before it is put into use. The welding slag and impurities in the construction enter the natural gas flowmeter.
2. As the natural gas flow meter is a volumetric meter, if the metering cavity effusion, although the natural gas flow meter can still run, but will affect the measurement accuracy, for this purpose, the instrument should be installed vertically, and the natural gas flowmeter should be higher than the process pipeline, In order to discharge the fluid regularly.
3, to strengthen the monitoring of natural gas flow meters, regular lubrication.
4. Natural gas flowmeters must be regularly calibrated during application to ensure accuracy.


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