Urea for vehicles is one of the essential items for truck transportation, and it is also a product that truck drivers deal with on a daily basis. Although the urea solution for vehicles seems to be simply added to the urea tank, it can be put into use. However, the quality of urea used in vehicles can determine the transportation efficiency, fuel consumption, and failure rate of an entire vehicle.

November 2017, KLS Chinese truck joint network jointly launched the "discovery trust" and the "provincial smooth" user experience activities. In this activity, Kosher has provided a number of "Cheung Chang" products to the benchmarking users in various industries to experience. Through this event, the China Truck Network reporter also found the actual advantages of the products of the company in the eyes of users, and the reason why the products can be rapidly spread among the end-user groups.

Cooperated with China Truck Network to launch "Finding Trust" and "Changing" user experience activities Cooperated with China Truck Network to launch "Finding Trust" and "Changing" user experience activities

Immediately after the treatment system is no longer crystallized

Among the end-users participating in this experience event, there are some old friends of the company and the truck network of China. Zhang Kun, a user from Xuzhou, is one of them. At the same time, he is also the user of this series of activities to deeply experience the smooth series of products of the province.

Currently, Zhang Kun and his fleet are all 460-horsepower Futian Auman EST heavy trucks. The main transportation routes are from Xuzhou to Kunming. According to Zhang Kun, “Because of the price, the urea solution of other small brands was selected by the team before, but the subsequent blockage of the post-processing system has also become a headache for the company.”

Zhang Kun Experiences Product Marketing Zhang Kun Experiences Product Marketing

“Because of the post-processing blockage during transportation, the engine is often limited in torque. This will not only result in insufficient engine power, but also lead to higher fuel consumption. After the end of the transportation, it will also need to go to the service station for post-processing system maintenance. Affected the efficiency of transportation.” Zhang Kun told the China Truck Network reporter, “After the introduction of friends, the company later chose to use urea, although at the time it was not a smooth series of products, but since then, after the vehicle in the team No clogging of the processing system has ever occurred, and the non-crystallizing effect of the product is absolutely immediate. However, the experience of the series of urea in the Kosansu Province has been further enhanced.”

Cooling Products Cooling Products

The China Truck Network reporter learned that the road conditions of Zhang Kun's transportation routes are relatively complex, especially near Yunnan, where there are many mountain roads, which leads to an increase in vehicle fuel consumption and urea consumption. Even so, Zhang Kun's experience saving the data is still very beautiful. Nearly 4,500 kilometers of transportation to and from, consuming more than 40 liters of urea, this kind of data performance can be said to be few in the industry.

“The urea fuel consumption is more than the industry leader.” The technical staff of Koansu told the reporter: “Combining with Zhang’s fuel consumption performance and urea consumption during the entire transportation process, the urea fuel consumption ratio of Changsheng Fuel Products is about 3%. The industry is in a leading position.At the same time, from the perspective of crystal morphology, the crystallization of vehicles is mostly yellow and white irregular morphological crystals, and the crystallization of urea solution crystals can effectively reduce the phenomenon, which helps the vehicle to solve the post-processing system jams. problem."

Filling process Filling process

Coincidence with the spread of cosan in the spread of user groups

As we all know, Xuzhou is the hub of logistics transportation, with large trucks and relatively large demand for urea products. Each brand of urea producers also regards Xuzhou as a key area for development, and it is in a highly competitive environment. , With the advantage of products in this root.

According to Zhang Kun, the company has been involved in the use of the brand of Kosher since two years ago and has been using it so far. Drivers in the team have consistently reported that the product performance of the urea solution is very good, and that there has been no post-treatment system crystallization phenomenon after use. This ensures the high efficiency and economy of the transportation process.

User Zhang Kun remarks to save urea User Zhang Kun remarks to save urea

“In the past few years, the brand of Kosuke has not been recognized by users in Xuzhou, but in the past two years, the brand of Kosher has spread and developed in the Xuzhou area.” Zhang Kun told reporters, “Because my friend is Kelansu Xuzhou area agents, so I understand that there are relatively more products from the company.Before Xuzhou users used relatively less products for the use of koran, but now the use of kosher products can account for 50% of the Xuzhou area.-60 %. Even PetroChina, Sinopec and other petrol stations have begun to sell the products of koransin, so we can see the popularity of koranin products in Xuzhou. It can be said that in the two years of using the products of Our company has experienced all the advantages of the product and witnessed the rapid development of the brand of Koran in Xuzhou."

The user's approval must be derived from the product's performance and quality. Judging from the experience of the provincial products, the quality of the products, such as the product's non-crystallizing performance, low consumption, and urea fuel consumption, have a high level of performance. The important reason for the proliferation of roots in the Xuzhou region. Perhaps only looking at the development of Kossell in the Xuzhou area is a glimpse of the panthers, but looking across the country, whether it is a transportation center or a remote area, Kosher products are spreading to the user groups with the momentum of Liaoyuan and are trusted by more users.


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