Explain the operation method of DC low resistance tester
DC low resistance tester operation method:
(1). Make the cursor pointer to "resistance measurement" and press "OK" to enter the state
(2), shows the current selection list. The measurement ranges of different current ranges are shown in the table below. You can refer to the selection. The automatic range can reach the entire measurement range listed in the corresponding specifications in the technical specifications. The principle of automatic current selection is to use a larger current. Point the cursor to the desired output current and press "OK" to enter the state
(3), shows the change of charging current and measurement time, #SUPERMAN is the default device number, the user can arbitrarily input, MN represents the number of times the device under test is measured, the resistance value is automatically displayed after the completion of charging, then press "OK" "The key stores the measurement result once (the model with the printer prints out the measurement results at the same time), and the number of measurements MN increases by one. Press "Cancel" or "Reset" to exit resistance measurement and enter
(4) The display is discharging. After the discharge is completed, it automatically returns to the initial state (1) to complete a resistance measurement
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