In order to meet the requirements of users for higher performance and quality of truck and bus tires, the high-end brand of card passenger car tires of Hankook Tire (AuRoRa) has recently launched two new high-performance passenger car tires UF12 and UF13 . Dump truck tire upgrade products UR05+ and UR06+ are also on the market. As a new product of the high-end camp of Hantek Truck and Bus tires, the four products all performed well in terms of maneuverability, and their wear resistance was greatly improved.

Aolin UF12 and UF13

Aolin UF12 and UF13

It is reported that Aurora UF12 and UF13 are two high-performance all-wheel tires suitable for medium and long-distance paved roads, which are suitable for fixed-load vehicles such as trucks/trucks and trailers/tankers. Through the unique pattern and shoulder design, UF12 and UF13 can not only perform optimal handling in a variety of road conditions and environments, but also effectively prevent shoulder deformation and abnormal wear, thereby increasing the service life.

For UF13 with outstanding comprehensive performance, in addition to outstanding handling and wear resistance, due to the use of fold line pattern, deep groove pattern and large tread crown curvature design, it is extremely eye-catching against uneven wear performance. At the same time, the best straight-line and cut-out shoulders effectively prevent uneven wear of the shoulder area.

Aurora UR05+ and UR06+

Aurora UR05+ and UR06+

In addition, in order to further assist the transportation industry in reducing operating costs and improving economic efficiency, Aoliola brand has also started to introduce upgraded products in China. The listed Oriole UR05+ and UR06+ are two types of dump truck tire upgrade products that are suitable for paved roads and general roads. By adopting a new high wear-resistant special rubber formula to enhance the cooling ability of the tread, the wear resistance has been greatly improved; At the same time, its block pattern design achieves optimal driving and braking to ensure driving safety. The UR06+ also uses innovative toe technology to further enhance the durability of the product while effectively improving the carrying capacity.

As the high-end brand of Hankook Tire's card passenger car tires, the "Aoliola" brand officially entered China in 2009. After more than three years of continuous development, the annual production of “Aurer” in the Chinese market has exceeded 300,000 in 2012.

Hankook Tire is confident in the domestic car and passenger car tire market. As of the end of 2012, Hankook Tire has owned 400 TBX (car passenger car tire stores), and this year it is expected to add 50. At the same time, Hankook Tire’s third largest plant in China, the Chongqing plant, will be completed in the first half of this year. Nissan's truck and bus tires will reach 2,400, which will further increase the production capacity of Hankuk’s passenger car tires.

Mr. Che Ruigen, General Manager of Hankook Tire's China Regional Headquarters Truck & Tire Sales & Sales Strategy, stated that “after the rapid and extensive development of the previous years, the development of the domestic transportation industry has become more rational and orderly. Demand is also increasingly diversified and quality-oriented, and these changes provide more space and opportunities for the development of Hankook Trucks and Tires' dual-brand strategy. In 2013, we will continue to rely on Hankook and AuRoRa brands. For Chinese users to improve more high-performance and high-quality card passenger car tire products."

Copper Strip Slitting Machine

Jingye precision mechanical slitting machine is specially used for slitting various thin strips, such as copper,
 Aluminum, iron, stainless steel, up to + -0.002mm 

(1). Raw material specifications 1. Material: metal strips such as copper and stainless steel strips. 2. Material width: within 420mm. 3. Material thickness: copper strip 0.05mm∽1.5mm, stainless steel 0.05mm∽1.0mm. 4. The inner diameter of the raw material roll: ¢300mm. 5. Outer diameter of raw material roll:≦¢1500mm.

6. Weight of raw material roll: ≤3000kg.

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