In recent years, under the guidance of the State Council's requirements for vigorously developing modern logistics industry, along with the improvement of national infrastructure and the explosive development of e-commerce, China's logistics industry has shown a trend of rapid development, making intercity and long-distance intercity freight demand more attractive. The bigger it is. At the same time, the high standards for time and efficiency of urban or inter-city logistics distribution have also prompted the acceleration of logistics vehicles. The high-end light trucks with "three highs and one low" (high attendance, high safety, high comfort, and low fuel consumption) have emerged quietly. Although the entire China light-duty truck market has continued to slump in the past two years, the high-end, medium- and light-duty trucks sector enjoys a unique landscape and its market share has steadily increased. In order to take the initiative in the future market upgrade trend, all mainstream light truck companies have also launched or extended their own high-end product lines. Futian Ou Make is a prominent representative. Since the beginning of this year, it has been learned that Foton-Orma can sell well, with outstanding performance in all regions. Shanghai successfully signed 143 vehicles for Gongxing, Jiangsu Nantong successfully negotiated 100 sets per day, and Sichuan successfully negotiated 56 large-scale customers IV. This year, only high-end Chinese light trucks sold more than 1,400 units in the garbage dumps. At the same time, Omar's overseas sales are also rising. The international market covers Australia, Colombia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and many other countries.

On April 25, 2013, the Omar 5 Series, the flagship high-end card market, was launched on the market in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Compared with similar products, the new 5 Series products have power, load bearing, space, comfort, and fuel consumption. Outstanding performance, this new release of the 5 Series new product not only accelerates the brand strategy of Omar to enter the high-end medium-card market, but also further promotes the upgrading of China’s inter-city logistics vehicle market, establishing a professional city with new performance. The new benchmark in international freight forwarding has injected new impetus into the development of the industry and has provided new customers with more valuable new options.

The new listing of the new Omar 5 Series products has sparked widespread attention from both new and old customers. As one of Dongguan's leading industrial and commercial enterprises, the Czech Republic Logistics Co., Ltd. is one of them. In this 5 series of new product launches, OMARCO won the high recognition of OCTG Logistics Co., Ltd. with its excellent product quality, fast and thoughtful service, and conducted 25 OMARCO delivery events with OCS Logistics. Shijie Logistics Co., Ltd. is also a strategic cooperation and distribution logistics company of Meiyijia Supermarket. Currently, it has 380 logistics distribution vehicles. In the early period, it has continuously purchased 50 Futian Ouma vehicles for the replacement of a well-known brand truck in the past. It is reported that the company will continue to purchase 200 more Omar vehicles. At the same time, Futian Oumac also awarded the “Norma's First Automated Repair Gold User for 500,000km” award to Yan Yong of Shantou Jinsong Cargo Transport Co., Ltd., highlighting Omar's dedication to customers and the pursuit of excellence. idea.

Leading high-end cards

Dr. Zhou Wei of the Institute of Highway Research of the Ministry of Transport believes that at present, a prominent problem facing the development of modern logistics industry in China is that vehicle equipment cannot fully meet the development needs of the logistics industry. For example, vehicle matching is not reasonable, security, economy, poor comfort, lack of humanized design, and these factors lead to traditional logistics vehicles can not really meet the increasing demand of logistics users, but also restricted the development of modern logistics.

It is also known that most of the major technologies used in the market today are still stuck in the 1980s and 1990s. The technology is old and outdated. It also leads to high fuel consumption of vehicles, weak bearing capacity, poor comfort, and maintenance. Maintenance costs are expensive and it is widely criticized by users.

The launch of the new Omar 5 Series will completely change the current unreasonable market dilemma. According to reports, the Omar 5 Series is a high-end card product specifically designed for the inter-city logistics market. It can be called a "high-end card leader." The launch of the new Omar 5 Series products not only covers the high economical efficiency of traditional Japanese cars, but also realizes for the first time the perfect integration of the "people-oriented" concept and products that make cars more convenient. Its products are built strictly in accordance with European standards. It is the first European card in the country and is also a high-end medium card in the true sense. This marks the beginning of a new era of the Omar 5 Series with brand-new performance in the intercity freight card benchmark, which will enable the Chinese card standard to be upgraded to a new level, opening a new era in which the card is more reliable, more efficient, more comfortable and more fuel-efficient.

The new Omar 5 Series products are jointly built by world-famous brands and Foton Motor, which enjoys the reputation of "China's first brand of commercial vehicles". It uses the world's top Cummins ISF 3.8-liter diesel engine, with a maximum power of 125 kilowatts, and peak torque. 600 Nm is the engine with the strongest power, the lightest weight and the smallest volume at the same level. It can meet the National III and National IV emission standards and has the potential to be upgraded to Euro V and Euro VI.

The advanced product design and modular system reduce the number of parts and components by 30%, greatly improving the reliability of the engine and ensuring excellent fuel economy. The average overhaul mileage exceeds 500,000 kilometers, and the maintenance cycle is 20,000 kilometers. With four times the average level of similar domestic products, the attendance rate is improved while reducing maintenance costs. Its five core leading technologies: turbocharger, fuel and combustion optimization, intelligent electric control, emission treatment, and filtration system, not only ensure super power, but also have a maximum speed of 120 km/h, which is more than 20% higher than similar products. Effectively guarantees an average fuel saving of 8% over similar products.

At the same time, the new Omar 5 Series is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz technology from Germany, and a special chassis optimized and upgraded by the British Lotus, matching the reinforced rear axle with a load-carrying capacity, and the bearing capacity of the vehicle has been greatly improved. The vehicle performance is more stable and reliable. The matching 2200 mm wide cab effectively guarantees the spaciousness of the interior space. The use of hydraulic shock-absorbing seats, cruise control and many other car configurations greatly reduce driver's driving fatigue. The double-layer sealing strip is used for the cab door, and the soundproof material used at the bottom reduces the noise in the cab while improving the sealing of the cab; the engine adopts an electronically-controlled high-pressure common rail technology, which reduces noise compared to similar mechanical pump power products5— 8 decibels. It also adopts a variable section stress multi-leaf spring structure to fully guarantee the ride comfort of the vehicle.

Since the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010, with the gradual national policy towards energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon development, the construction of “Green Guangdong” has become an important strategic deployment to improve the ecological environment in Guangdong. The Guangdong Provincial Department of Environmental Protection has proposed that all cities in the province must formulate a "yellow mark car" limit line program, and the Pearl River Delta must form a contiguous lineup. Futian Omar products currently have full coverage of the National IV and National V product line resources, which will undoubtedly prompt Omar products to become the "yellow standard for green standards" choice.

Remodeling the value benchmark

As we all know, most Chinese card users have become more rational after long-term market practice, and have gradually formed a consensus that the comprehensive use cost of vehicles is much more important than the single purchase cost. When they are purchasing vehicles, they pay more attention to the "full life cycle cost" of the vehicle than the initial purchase cost. According to the chairman of a well-known international express delivery company, the “full life cycle cost” of China Card Vehicles is divided into four categories: procurement costs, operating costs, brand costs, and residual value costs, of which operating costs account for “full life cycle costs”. %. The 64% operating cost includes 58% fuel cost, 35% tolls, and 7% labor costs. The Omar 5 new products can exactly meet the rational needs of these customers. It is estimated that compared with vehicles equipped with similar output power engines, Omar can save an average of 1.5-2 liters per 100 kilometers. According to the calculation of 80,000 kilometers a year and the diesel price of 8.31 yuan per liter, Omar can save fuel costs in one year. About 11,000 yuan. Compared with similar domestic vehicles, Omar's engine, transmission and other key components have a 50% lower failure rate, 35% lower comprehensive failure rate, and can save 2000 yuan in maintenance costs. In terms of maintenance, Omar can maintain 20,000 kilometers once, and can maintain 12 times less than other vehicles in a year. If the average maintenance cost is calculated at 300 yuan/time, it can save 3,600 yuan in maintenance costs in one year. At the same time, according to the daily rental cost of commercial vehicles, which is calculated based on 500 yuan/day, each maintenance takes 1 day. Omarco can save maintenance time of 12 days, which is equivalent to more than 12 days of attendance, which can save rental expenses by 6,000 yuan. One year Omar can save nearly 23,000 yuan in costs. In 5 years, Omar can save nearly 115,000 yuan in total costs. Therefore, in 5 years, the cost savings of the new Omar 5 Series can be completely bought by one Omar Card, equivalent to 5 years to save a car. In addition, Foton Motor has continuously won the "China's first commercial vehicle brand" for many years. Based on Foton Auto's "China-European Automotive Chain Integration", Ouma can integrate global wisdom resources and deeply link world leaders such as Daimler, Cummins, Lotus, etc. The development of the future-oriented high-end trucks in the true sense, the brand effect is obvious, matching the Cummins engine, Mercedes-Benz optimization of the chassis, 5 years later can still maintain excellent overall performance, used car residual value higher than similar brands 10,000 yuan.

Positioning the "Intercity Freight Experts" Omar 5 series new products, insisting on everything from the user's needs, not only in the user's attention to the vehicle's self-weight, power, load capacity and other basic performance of the vehicle enough effort, also in the vehicle configuration, comfort The areas that users focus on, such as sex and security, are constantly improving. They strive to achieve breakthroughs, exceed user expectations, and create greater value for users.


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