Energy Process Optimization of Compressed Air System Based on Global Process Integration Technology Ma Tianqi 1 Jia Zhenyuan 2 Li Hongqi 1 (1 School of Environmental and Energy Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, China; 2 Beijing Huayuan Yitong Heating Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing 100070) The global process integration technology is used to research and analyze the energy process optimization of the compressed air system. The single point energy saving for the air compressor is extended to the global energy saving at the energy process level for the entire compressed air system. The results were compared and analyzed. When the energy efficiency of the compressed air system was increased to a certain level, the significance of energy-saving optimization for the air compressor main unit (single unit) was gradually reduced, and the technical difficulty and cost increased significantly.

Theoretical and experimental research on condensing evaporator in automatic cascade refrigeration system 芮 Shengjun, Zhang Hua, Zhao Wei, Li Juanjuan (Institute of Refrigeration Technology, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, 200093) The theoretical calculation of heat transfer in the generator has obtained three levels. Theoretical calculation data of heat transfer of two condensing evaporators in an automatic cascade refrigeration system,

1. All natural granite of high precision machine tool bed, beam, shock absorption is higher.

2. Completely closed housing, outer circulation type cutting fluid additive, equipped with a box to collect debris, ensure a clean, neat machining site.

3. X.Y.Z three-axis use high precision imported linear guide rail super rectangle, load bearing capacity, high precision fast positioning.

4. Suitable for electronics, mobile phone fittings of high speed and high light cutting edge chamfering and medical device

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