From the initial boilers to high-frequency and vacuum in recent years, our country has gone through many years until the development of solar energy and air energy, and China has entered the era of clean drying and drying in the true sense.

However, whether it is vacuum high-frequency drying and drying or solar heat pump drying and drying, different drying and drying objects have different requirements for temperature, and the required humidity and temperature are not the same at all stages of drying and drying. It is a pity that many drying and drying equipments do not have multi-stage control functions, and the artificial dependence on temperature and humidity adjustment is obvious.

In this “+Internet” era, remote terminal control makes production more convenient and system security is guaranteed to the greatest extent. The original heat source introduced the concept of Internet of Things into the drying control, setting off a "frequency + intelligence" storm in the drying industry. In the case where market demand has not been activated on a large scale, remote intelligent control has been applied as a concept for the first time.

The purpose of using smart drying is to reduce the cost, use less labor to avoid safety accidents, and reduce the risk of defective products; the second is to increase efficiency and produce more products. A senior person in the drying industry stated that “terminal design will still be a key to competition in the next ten years... Among these, there are several ideas that have become the direction that many brands have tried to overcome, such as a more concise interface and smarter security warnings. Module. In the APP interface design, more will learn from the smart home control, intuitive display of machine operation, which is also a hot direction of the original intelligent drying is developing.

Elastic Yarn Covering Machine is specially aimed at the elastic fabrics and applicable for the production of polyamide, polyester, cotton yarn etc. covered yarns of different norms, with the raw material application range at 70D-600D. It holds a lower energy consumption and an extremely high productivity and its technical features stay at a great volume of wrapped filament, up to 1kg without joint, and the reduction of silk-on tube-change process which used to be frequently done by the operator, enhancing the yarn quality and also reducing the operation.

Elastic Yarn Covering Machine

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