The connection direction of the bimetal thermometer dial and protection tube can be divided into four types: axial type, radial type, 135° type and universal type.

1 Axial type bimetal thermometer: The pointer plate is vertically connected to the protective tube.

2 Radial type bimetal thermometer: The pointer plate is connected in parallel with the protective tube.

3135° bimetal thermometer: The pointer plate is connected to the protective tube at 135°.

4 universal type bimetal thermometer: The connection angle between the pointer plate and the protection tube can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Bimetal thermometer installation fixed form

In order to meet the needs of actual production, bimetal thermometers have different mounting and fixing forms: movable male thread fittings, movable female thread fittings, fixed thread fittings, ferrule thread fittings, ferrule flange fittings and fixing flanges.

Bimetal thermometer model nomenclature

WSS â–¡ â–¡ â–¡ â–¡ - Protective form

None - Normal

Mounting method W-protected

0-No Fixture F-Anticorrosive

Structure type 1 - movable external thread

0-Axial Type 2 - Movable female thread

1-radial type 3-fixed thread

2-135° 4-way thread

3-Universal 5-thread thread

Case nominal diameter 6-set flange

3-φ60 4-φ100 5-φ125

The temperature sensing element is a bimetallic metal expansion temperature meter

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