The unloading valve is the simplest type of ore-mining equipment. Its operation is controlled by the human lever or by the operator through compressed air, hydraulic piston, motor drive and other methods. They can only be successfully used for the ore-mining of free-flowing materials and for the unloading of silos that are not critical for automatic control. Although there are no series of products for the unloading valve, there are many varieties. The figure below shows several typical structures.

In the figure, a is a flat valve, which is only suitable for the discharge of dry concentrate powder or heavy or magnetically selected wet concentrate powder (particle size - 0.0074 mm less than 80%) containing water at about 8%. The opening and closing mechanism can be driven by a motor. b is a lateral single-segment valve for materials below 200 mm, usually driven by manual lever or manual chain, gear. c is a claw valve for coarse materials It has a maximum particle size of about 500 mm and is generally driven by compressed air. d is a pneumatic chute suitable for materials below 200 mm. e is a bottom-discharge single-fan valve, usually with a manual lever or a pneumatic piston. The hydraulic piston drive .f is a bottom-loading double-fan valve similar to e for materials up to 300 mm.
The electric push rod developed in recent years can be used for the unloading valve, which can reduce the labor intensity and eliminate the compressed air device; the operation control is also convenient.

Exquisite Point Manual Spot Welding Machine is a new generation of conductive band soft connection (copper tape soft connection) equipment. the equipment is composed of main engine and control. the main function of the equipment is to realize the diffusion welding between materials and molecules. The equipment mainly produces electric power, chemical industry, smelting and other industries, and can produce urgently needed busbar expansion joints and soft connection conductive belt products in the industry. It can realize diffusion welding between soft busbar, soft busbar and hard busbar, high power soft busbar, telescopic joint and soft connection conductive products, brazing special workpieces of opposite sex. The equipment has the advantages of reasonable structure, safe use, simple operation and energy saving.

Exquisite Point Manual Spot Welding Machine

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