The purpose of the test is to provide a basis for the evaluation of the ore's ore selection and the possibility of development and utilization.

The deposit is Qinling - continental orogenic belt of the western extension of the Kunlun orogenic belt part Qilian, is typical of magma genesis of basic titanium iron ore deposits. According to the results of ore properties, the test sample commissioned this time is ilmenite mineralized rock, which is not the ore of the ore body that can be used for mineral processing . The ore contains 1.433% TFe and 5.57% TiO 2 . The main metal-containing apatite ilmenite minerals, trace limonite, pyrite; major gangue minerals amphibole, pyroxene, feldspar, apatite, and sphene, biotite, green clay Stone, dolomite, hard boehmite , etc.

Ilmenite is the main recycling mineral for this test, and the test adopts two process schemes of re-election and flotation. The re-selected (shaker) obtained titanium concentrate grade TiO 2 35.42%, the recovery rate was 41.1%, the titanium concentrate grade obtained by flotation was TiO 2 39.38%, and the recovery rate was 38.11%. The TiO 2 grade can also reach more than 43%, but the recovery rate is lower, and it is also determined that the ore sent has no mining value.

Rock ore identification found that there are two states of titanium minerals:
(1) coarse-grained ilmenite, which is closely symbiotic with hornblende, or is replaced by chlorite, which is a semi-self-granular structure, medium-sludge-dyed structure, which is the main mineral for ore recovery; (2) fine particles - Powdered ilmenite, in the form of irregular fine-grained fine-grained or powder-like aggregates, often associated with vermiculite, difficult to completely recover from ore dressing, and, according to titanium phase analysis and rock and mineral identification, pyroxene and hornblende The biotite, chlorite and vermiculite all have titanium elements in the form of isomorphism, which are important reasons for the low recovery rate.

The ore was investigated and tested by various process schemes, and the process of re-election (shaker) and flotation was determined. The re-election (shaker) test process is simple, and the ore dressing cost is low, but it is difficult to obtain high-grade titanium concentrate due to coarse grinding fineness. Using the flotation process, although the number of selections is high and the ore dressing cost is high, high-grade titanium concentrate can be obtained. Flotation also obtained TiO 2 43.21% titanium concentrate, but the recovery rate was only 25.84%.

Because the original ore grade of this test sample is low, and there are some refractory ilmenite and gangue in the same type of titanium, the serious effect on the recovery rate and ore dressing economic effect. From the point of view of this experimental research process, the grade and recovery rate of titanium concentrate are lower, and if the titanium concentrate is further improved, the recovery rate will be lower. It is determined through experimental research that for the ore represented by this sample. Currently, it does not have the value of exploitation and utilization. It is recommended to further strengthen the geological prospecting work and look for ilmenite with higher grade.

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