Sprinklers are used frequently when driving. If you use them, you often experience monophony, poor sound quality, and good or bad, and sometimes they do not ring at all, which causes inconvenience to the sprinkler. What should I do if the sprinkler horn does not ring or emits abnormal sound? How does the car horn perform routine maintenance and self-repair? When the above malfunctions occur in the horn, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is the line fault or the horn itself.

Let's take a look at how the horn works. When the horn button on the steering wheel or other location is pressed, the current from the battery flows through the loop to the solenoid coil of the horn relay. The electromagnetic coil attracts the relay's moving contact switch to close and the current will flow to the horn. The current causes the electromagnet inside the horn to work, causing the diaphragm to vibrate and emit a sound.

Line faults are mainly line virtual connections, such as loose speaker connector terminals, speaker relay contact ablation, and horn speaker switch contact failure at the steering wheel. However, in many horn failures, the problem of the sprinkler horn itself is particularly serious in winter.

Combined with our use of the environment and other factors, the fault of the sprinkler horn itself is mainly due to the following reasons:

1. Contact ablation: If prolonged pressing the speaker will cause the speaker contact to ablate and generate impedance, the current flowing through the electromagnetic coil will weaken, the electromagnetic suction will not attract the armature to drive the normal vibration of the diaphragm, resulting in squeaky, or even no sound . However, when the horn is continuously pressed, if a momentary high current passes through the impedance, it can still work normally, so it will be good or bad.

2. The seal is not easy to get wet: Although the inside of the horn is sealed, if the seal is not strict when entering the fog when the car wash or the air in the internal space has water vapor, water vapor can easily cause the contacts to be wet and fail to work properly.

3. Poor contact of electromagnetic coil terminal: Some horns have internal electromagnetic coil enameled wire terminal joints are aluminum metal rivets crimped connection, non-firm welding connection, if the end of the enameled wire insulation paint treatment is not clean or rivet pressure is not reliable and it is easy to produce Virtual connection failure causes the horn to malfunction. This type of failure is the cause of the speaker quality and cannot be repaired. Only new parts can be replaced.

Suggestions for use of sprinkler horns:

1. Remember to prevent the horn from getting wet when you wash the car and find that the horn of the sprinkler truck is blown dry with the air gun as soon as possible.

2. Do not press the horn for a long time as much as possible, which will easily lead to premature ablation of the speaker contacts.

3. The sprinkler horn malfunctions as far as possible to seek the help of a professional service technician. Do not blindly replace the sprinkler horn, which may cause unnecessary waste.

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