The company specializes in smelting and processing. The company's air compressor station has 8 sets of various air compressors. It supplies air to the production workshop continuously for many years. Due to the long-term load operation of the equipment, the piston ring of the air compressor and the crankshaft bearing, etc. part. There is a degree of wear and tear. Transportation, noise and high vibration; large consumption. Energy sea consumption has increased and the quality of gas supply has declined. The company set up various bamboos, and the door decided to use the metal friction surface regeneration technology of the mining technology master, and the technical processing of the super-air 1 machine. Processing results The main parameters of the equipment processing implementation process 1 air compressor working state, the current consumption of oil consumption parameters are measured 2 massage St. technical specifications Ding 2562009 times, the addition of Mo Sheng compressor special gel and lubricant mixing liquid. After the cumulative operation of the force injection, the technical processing is over.

Due to the limitation of on-site detection means, noise and vibration oil temperature and other parameters have not been measured, but the technicians and operators jointly reflect that the noise is greatly reduced from sharp to soft, and the vibration and oil temperature of the hand-feeling machine are more than in the past. Significant decline. Comparison of test parameters

Project load current no-load current power consumption fuel consumption before processing average value after the mean value reduction.

After the load current drops, the annual power saving is 54994.51. After the no-load current drops, the annual energy saving can be reduced by 15712.7. The annual saving of lubricating oil 23 is more than a month. The air compressor is in good condition and the running current is still declining. , indicating the extension of the friction pair 22170 edit Li Wen Sweden high-speed electric spindle repair â–¡ Li Hezhou and other 1990s, drag Luoyang Fuel Injection Co., Ltd. from Sweden introduced Ding three 180 grinding machines. The processing needle is the same as the middle hole and the seating surface. The tolerance of the part requires high-speed machining. The dynamic speed of the electric spindle must be level 6 and the precision of the rotation. The Swedish high-speed electric spindle structure can be divided into a rotating part composed of a stator rotor and a bearing, a bearing pretensioning device and The auxiliary device includes an electrical interface oil mist lubrication port and a water cooling port 3 part. The spindle can simultaneously apply preload to the front and rear bearings and automatically adjust its size. The advantage is that the ball and the raceway eliminate the gap under the preload and form a certain elastic deformation, so that the bearing has a certain rigidity. For the external load, when the axial force is opposite to the preloading force, the bearing will not have a gap. Improve the rotation accuracy of the spindle.

There are 12 grinding heads for 6 080 grinding machines. Under normal circumstances, the replacement period of the electric spindle is 36 months. If it depends on imports, the annual maintenance cost is 50,800,000 yuan. To this end, maintenance personnel through repeated exploration, summed up the repair process of the set of high-speed electric spindle. The main points are as follows: According to the damage of the electric spindle, the static dynamic radial runout and the lift clearance and axial yaw are measured.

Use a special-made tool to remove the motor spindle. Clean and measure rotor swing and wear.

Optional bearings. The tolerance of the inner and outer diameters of each set of bearings is 0.008 mm, and the clearance is 0.00250.005 with the main shaft. In practice, it is best to push the bearing into the sleeve with a double-hair thumb. Too tight will cause the outer ring of the bearing to deform, the bearing temperature rise is too high, and too loose will reduce the rigidity of the grinding head.

The cleaning of the bearing is an important part of ensuring the normal operation and service life of the bearing. Do not blow the bearing with compressed air, because the hard particles in the compressed air will pull the raceway.

Conical bearings or angular contact ball bearings must pay attention to the bearing installation direction, otherwise the rotation accuracy is not required. The entire assembly process uses special tools to eliminate assembly errors and ensure assembly quality.

When the roundness of the inner hole of the sleeve is out of tolerance, or if the bearing is too loose, the local plating method can be used for compensation and re-grinding to the requirements. This method can also be used at the journal.

The end faces of the round nut oil seal cover and the like on the electric spindle are in close contact with the end faces of the inner and outer rings of the bearing respectively, so the perpendicularity of the threaded portion and the end face is required to be high, and the contact condition can be checked by the coloring method. If the contact rate is 80, the end face can be ground to achieve the verticality. This work is very important. Its accuracy will affect the radial runout of the spindle's main shaft and affect the surface roughness of the ground workpiece.

The assembled electric spindle is measured by the tension spring when adjusting the axial direction. At the same time, the static dynamic radial runout and lifting clearance should be measured until the assembly process requirements are met.

Under the actual operating conditions of the machine, the influence of factors such as thermal deformation during the operation of the assembly machine is excluded, and the dynamic balancing instrument is used to dynamically balance the rotor at a constant rotation speed.

Liu Yun, Wang Jiyu, author, Tonglian, Luoyang Fuel Injection Co., Ltd., Nozzle, No. 154, Jianyang Road, Luoyang, Henan, 471013, edited by Li Wen

Vane Damper

The internal structural design is vane, vane damper is more suitable for soft close. ABD vane dampers are used to dampen drives, control speed, and many other applications. The damping direction of the vane dampers with continuous rotation can be clockwise, counter clockwise, or in both directions. Vane dampers are widely used in automobile interior decoration, household electric appliances, furniture and bathroom products, etc. Our dampers can make the movement of structures soft, quiet and safe to mitigate the impact, avoid the damage, increase the mechanical life, reduce noise, and improve product quality.

When the axis of rotation is moving, the blades that are connected to the axis of rotation rotate at the same time. The silicone oil in the oil chamber is squeezed between the blade andthe body to the back of the blade. The resistance formed by the pressure of the silicone oil to the area of the blade is the damping torque of the rotating shaft and the blade. The torque generated during rotation is determined by the oil viscosity, the pressure area of the blade and the clearance between the blade and the body.
Vane Damper


1. Please contact the corresponding product engineer for specific torque products.

2.The Standard of completion closing:the angle is 90° between Shaft A and Shaft B.

3.It is closing position to assemble the shaft into the housing.

4. Max. cycle rate: 3 cycles/min(Clockwise110 °, 110 ° anti-clockwise for 1 cycle)

5.Operating temperature:0~40℃

6.Storage temperature:-10~60℃

Vane Damper Characteristics

Soft closing time test: Measure the closing time from angle 70 to 0.

Rated Torque (T).

Test Temperature: 23±2℃.

Durability test:

Test Method: From the closing position to opening position, push back to 70°, soft close from 70° to 0°.

Rated Torque (T).

Operation Angle: 0°~110°.

Test Temperature: 23±2℃.

Durability test cycle: 50,000 cycles. The result of product test )>2s.

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