As long as the mobile vending truck starts to start oiling after it is started, it is precisely because every drop of oil used is taken out of its own pockets. Therefore, the oil should be able to perform even better. usefulness. Although most owners of mobile sales vehicles will have the concept of fuel economy, they are not that simple when they are implemented. In many cases, various bad habits of driving will increase fuel consumption. The next step is to simply increase the daily driving for everyone. The major abuse of fuel consumption is also reviewed by everyone.


1, after waiting for the mobile hot van to reach a good state of operation after driving, this must be able to achieve a good way to save fuel consumption. However, the overheated hot car will also increase the fuel consumption. If the time of the hot car exceeds three minutes, then the vehicle will consume more fuel under the idle operation, waiting for the mobile sales vehicle. The rotation speed can be stabilized between eight hundred revolutions.

2. Some old drivers of mobile vending trucks with years of driving experience particularly like to use inertial neutral gear to glide. When they actually hang up on neutral gear, they can make the fuel consumption of mobile vending trucks increase greatly.

3, mobile vending truck drivers in the high-speed hang-up traffic, it will make the engine has continued to operate under high-speed conditions, this will undoubtedly consume more fuel, in fact, this aspect of the common sense of many drivers are aware , so some people will rely on the habit of quickly re-hanging to the high-grade again to avoid the increase in fuel consumption, while the manual shift will use its own manual mode to upshift. In fact, it is the same to increase the fuel consumption at the low speed, because each different car will have the economic speed, so the best condition is to make the shift smooth.

4. Here, I must dispel the idea that some drivers feel that the faster the vehicle is traveling, the more fuel-efficient it is. This is simply a big mistake. If the speed of the mobile sales vehicle has reached 2,500 rpm, it will not save fuel. Under normal circumstances, when the mobile vending car is in the high-speed driving situation, the best economic speed is 90-110km/h, but the different models are different.

It is of course a lot of energy to drive air-conditioned trucks to drive air conditioners on hot days. However, if you do not turn on the air conditioner in such a hot day, you will not be able to save much fuel. However, when the mobile vending truck is on the highway, driving the air conditioner is more fuel efficient than driving a lathe, because the increase in the drag coefficient in the cabin will increase the loss of fuel.

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