Mobile LED advertising vehicles can be used for commercial product promotion, corporate brand promotion, various types of draft events, sales promotion live shows, various sports events, celebrity concerts, and concerts. In areas such as shopping malls, communities, plazas, parks and even fields and fields, the purpose of displaying, communicating, and interacting with the consumers on the spot is widespread. Mobile LED advertising vehicles have a wide range of publicity, enabling customers to obtain the greatest effect of advertising. In recent years by the majority of customers of all ages.

The composition of mobile LED advertising vehicles generally consists of five parts: a large screen system, a power supply system (generally 380 V electricity is used for power supply, or the power supply of its own generator), a hydraulic system (some vehicles are not available), an operating system, and a traction system. These five parts complement each other and interact with each other to achieve the effect of advertising. Advantages of LED advertising vehicles are: First of all, it saves time. Mobile LED advertising vehicles do not need to build, dismantle, and other processes, fully demonstrating the advantages of modern media, which is convenient and quick; secondly, it is mobile and mobile, and mobile LED advertising vehicles are not Due to geographic constraints, in-depth and extensive publicity can be conducted in any target market area. Finally, the visual effects are shocking. The LED color screens have brilliant colors, full three-dimensional effects, and strong visual impact.

Mobile LED advertising vehicles have different models according to customer needs. The common mobile LED advertising vehicles on the market have different models based on the area of ​​LED display screens: 4.8 square meters, 6.8 square meters, 8 square meters, 10.6 square meters and 10.8 square meters. The price of a typical mobile LED advertising car is mainly composed of the chassis, LED display, and the price of the box. Due to the use of LED displays of different sizes, the price difference of the vehicles results in a large difference. For example, a small Changan Kairui sells for only about 70,000 yuan, while a blue card 4.2 meters long advertising car sells for about 130,000 yuan. Therefore, customers should choose the right vehicle according to their own needs, and achieve good publicity while ensuring a good price/performance ratio. Or you can choose to rent the form when you only need short-term promotion.


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