[Downstream of China Instrument Network Instrumentation] Since April of this year, Jilin Jilin Water Group Co., Ltd. has innovated its services first, beginning with old buildings, and collecting water fees to implement a ladder-metering annual charging policy, and then fully rolled out.

The annual fee for ladder metering refers to the one-year ladder water price of residential water use as a look-up table cycle (except for twice-yearly water use census), where the user pre-stores not less than the previous year's water fee, and a water fee settlement is performed at the end of the look-up table period. Such a ladder-metering annual fee collection method greatly reduces the number of visits to customers and reminders of water charges, reduces interruptions to users, and reduces the possibility of criminals posing as waterworkers to commit crimes, providing the convenience for the majority of users. And life safety. The annual fee for ladder measurement uses the average monthly water consumption to determine the water price per step of the residents' monthly water use. It also reduces the water fee expenditure for the residents to increase to the next step water price before and after the Spring Festival of the water use peak, and during the summer months.
City Water Group introduced preferential policies for users who pay annual fees. In accordance with the amount of pre-stored water fee, Water Group will give users a certain percentage of the pre-stored water fee. At the same time, the user will provide maintenance materials. The Water Group will provide users with free replacement services such as front gates, indoor flat pipes and faucets. .
Prior to this, Jilin City Water Group also launched a "safety and security services." This activity advocates the establishment and improvement of a long-term mechanism. It must really play the role of a simulated legal person, pay close attention to safety, focus on the work, and make customer service difficult. It also makes efforts to promote key projects, joint-stock reforms, safety, and clean governance. Corresponding arrangements have a very strong guiding significance for the next step.
(Original title: City Water Group implements ladder-measured annual fee)

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