Level Transmitter/Level Gauge/Input Level Gauge/Input Level Gauge Model:XWS-WS201


Small size, integrated structure , high performance-price ratio, high reliability, high precision, good stability When selecting the split type structure, the IP68 protection level can be adjusted on site

Standard signal output

Technical Parameters:

Measurement range: 0 to 1mH2O, 3mH2O, 5mH2O...100, 200mH2O

Overload capacity: 2 times

Accuracy: ±0.25%FS; ±0.5%FS

Long-term stability: ≤0.25% FS/year

Zero output bias: ≤±0.25%FS

Full-scale output offset: ≤±0.25%FS

Temperature drift: ≤0.75%FS(0~65°C); ±1.5%FS(-15°C~80°C)

Working temperature: -30°C~85°C;(non-condensing)

Compensation temperature: 0 °C ~ 70 °C;

Storage temperature: -40°C~85°C

Power Supply: 16~32VDC

Output signal: 4~20mA

Out line: second line

Load resistance: ≤(U-16)/0.02Ω

Insulation resistance: ≥500MΩ

Reverse polarity protection: ≥15s

Pressure life: ≥ 3 million pressure cycles

Structural material: Housing: Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti; O -ring: Fluororubber; Casing: butadiene nitrile rubber

Alloy Steel Blind Flange

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