Hydraulic transmission has the features of smooth movement, simple speed regulation, easy automation, no gap transmission, and frequent reciprocating motion. It is a transmission method widely used in machinery and equipment. At present, hydraulic transmission control is used in many fields at home and abroad.

For fluid hydraulic machinery, the design of the system is a key component. It directly affects the function of the machine. The first step of the fluid hydraulic system program is generally based on the investigation and calculation of parameters, the use of hydraulic components, and finally drawn out System schematic. In the past, the calculation of the relevant parameters and the subsequent analysis of the dynamic characteristics were done by the computer, and the drawing of the schematics was done manually. The user wants to check the schematic during the simulation process, which is very troublesome and the working efficiency is very low. At present, there are few automatic drawing softwares related to schematic diagrams at home and abroad, so it is necessary to develop the schematic drawing software for hydraulic system.

This paper developed the hydraulic system schematic drawing software YLTVB.E×E with Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 on Windows platform. Visual Basic 5.0 is suitable for Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms. It is easy to use and has a wide range of applications. It can be used for development in communications, multimedia, and ordinary Windows applications.

YLTVB.E×E Application Profile:

(1) A hydraulic system component library (YJ.BOX) was established in YLTVB.E×E. Users according to their needs in the library

(YJ.BOX) Select hydraulic components by left-clicking the mouse button.

(2) The user can also delete the wrong selected components, and then re-select new components, each component can be selected numerous times, until the user is satisfied, and finally generate the hydraulic system schematic diagram, this figure can be saved or printed.

(3) YLTVB.E×E software has menus and toolbars (Tob/menu).

The menu bar includes menu items such as files, edits, and help, and each menu item includes several sub-menus. As long as the user left-clicks the corresponding menu item or submenu item with the mouse, the corresponding task can be completed. In addition, each menu item also has its own shortcut keys and access keys that make it easy for the user to use the keyboard.

The toolbar includes tools for opening, saving, deleting, and zooming in. By default, the toolbar is close to the form's title bar and can also be moved. Each tool in the toolbar has its own visualized icon. When the user uses it, just click the corresponding icon. The toolbar provides great convenience for using Windows users.

(4) YLTVB.E×E software provides a popup menu (Popmenu). When the user selects the component drawing schematic from the component library (YJ.BOX) or needs to adjust components, the user does not need to go to the menu bar or the tool. Select the corresponding command in the column, just right click the mouse button outside the schematic diagram to generate the popup menu popmenu, click the corresponding option in the popmenu.

This shows that the schematic drawing software YLTVB.E×E is extremely easy to use.

I developed the (YLTVB) hydraulic system schematic drawing software developed on the Windows platform using Microsoft's VisualBasic 5.0, and finally generated the YLTVB.E×E file, which can be run directly in the Windows environment. YLTVB.E×E has its own icon. Users can double-click this icon to run the YLTVB.E×E application.

This hydraulic system schematic drawing software (YLTVB.E×E) is combined with dynamic simulation software to visualize the dynamic characteristics of the hydraulic system. It is a powerful tool in the CAD of hydraulic systems and makes hydraulic system CAD more perfect.

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