The reporter learned on October 26th, 2011 that the New & Green Times 2011 low-carbon sustainable development forum sponsored by China's mainstream economic media has recently been held in Beijing and the 2011 China Excellent Case Awards starting in May, China The final results of the selection of low-carbon model companies have also been announced in the same period. Unified management of Bridgestone, many outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises in China stands out the cause of the tire Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd., made the list's top 24, won one of the "2011 China low-carbon business model" title .

Today, the entire society is entering the "low-carbon era." As one of them, companies are playing an active role. Over the years, the Bridgestone Group has consistently adhered to the direction of “acquiring social trust and becoming a company proud of” and has played the role of a leading company in the industry to continuously achieve self-reform. Bridgestone withdrew from the F1 race in 14 games in 2010 and began to advance to the field of strategic environmental protection. Under the guidance of the “Bringing the best products to China” business philosophy, Bridgestone has transformed many of its environmental technologies and products into China. In the field of passenger vehicle tires, the company introduced Bridgestone's eco-friendly ECOPIA green song partner and realized localization; its first integrated Bridgestone new generation sports flagship that incorporates environmental protection technologies and concepts and boasts extraordinary wet and dry road handling performance POTENZA S001 also landed in China. In terms of commercial vehicle tires, it not only promotes tireless tubeless tire products, but also incorporates its powerful Bendatech tire retreading technology. Through its sales network headed by Bridgestone Truck Tire Station, it is a commercial vehicle tire customer. Provide comprehensive solutions. At present, Bridgestone’s Benda renewal tires have reached 11 in China. At the end of June of the same year, the four tire factories in China have all achieved zero emissions of waste.

Tunable Laser

CNI offer wavelength tunable Laser, the output wavelengths can be changed continuously within a certain range. Tunable lasers come with good beam quality, high stability and long life time, they are widely used in spectroscopy, photochemistry, medicine, biology, integrated optics, laser processing,etc.


Tunable Diode Laser
Tunable Wavelength Band Model Output Power Specifical
403~407 nm TUN- 403~407 1~30 mW <0.1 nm
408~412 nm TUN- 408~412 1~30 mW <0.1 nm
448~452 nm TUN- 448~452 1~10 mW <0.1 nm
518~522 nm TUN- 518~522 1~10 mW <0.1 nm
634~643 nm TUN- 634~643 1~10 mW <0.1 nm
652~658 nm TUN- 652~658 1~10 mW <0.1 nm
Tunable Ti : Sapphire Laser
Tunable Wavelength Band Model Output Power Specifical
390~408 nm TUN-TiA-393~408 1~1000 mW <2 nm
770~840 nm TUN-TiN-770~840 1~400 mW <40 pm
770~840 nm TUN-Ti-770~840 1~1000 mW <2 nm
770~840 nm TUN-TiA--770~840 1~1300 mW <2 nm
Tunable Infired Laser
Tunable Wavelength Band Model Output Power Specifical

1400~1800 nm

TUN-W-1400~1800 1~2000 mW <2 nm
2600~4450 nm TUN-W-2600~4450 1~1000 mW <2 nm

Testing data


Pulse width 34 ns testing at 10kHz

Ti: Sapphire Laser

Power stability < 3%

Ti: Sapphire Laser

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