Boron ore mining and factors develop depends on the type of deposit, orebody form, occurrence, size, physical and mechanical properties of the rock minerals and burial conditions. Since China's solid boron deposits are generally small in scale, most of them are exposed to the surface, but the extension is deep. Therefore, most of the mines are open-pit mining in advance and later transferred to underground mining. For mineralized water type deposits, mining is carried out by means of halogen extraction.
The open pit mining process is simple, the degree of mechanization is high, the operating conditions and mining costs are superior to underground mining, and should be used as far as possible when conditions permit.
The development method of underground mining is mainly determined by the specific conditions such as the burial conditions of the ore body and the ground working site of the mine. The development methods of China's underground boron mines mainly include inclined well development (such as Yingkou 501 Boron Mine in Liaoning), Pingyi blind shaft development (such as Liaoning Kuandian Boron Mine Yangmutou Mine), and Pingyi Development (such as Liaoning Kuandian Brick). Temple divided mines, as well as flat inclined shafts, shafts and other forms. The underground mining methods currently used include shallow hole retention method (such as Yingkou 501 Boron Mine in Liaoning, Jilin Ji'an Boron Mine, etc.), caving method (such as poplar pole boron mine in Liaoning Kuandian, brick temple boron mine, etc.), and Segmented empty field method, etc.
The main process flow for open pit and underground mining is shown in Figures 1 and 2.

The salt lake brine is pumped to pump the brine into the salt field, and the sun is evaporated to the beach. The concentrated salt is used as the raw material for extracting the boride; it can also be directly extracted from the brine.
The underground brine is mined by drilling a rig, exposing the water layer and the structure containing the underground brine, and then drilling the casing to cement the brine. Some of the halogen-containing layers have a large ground pressure, and the brine can be naturally ejected under the action of ground pressure to realize self-spraying; if the ground pressure is lower than the liquid column pressure at the bottom of the brine well, it is necessary to extract brine by means of the halogen mining machine. Achieve the purpose of mining. Common methods for mining underground brines include: gas lift mining method, pumping unit-deep well pump mining method, electric submerged halogen pump mining method and extraction and brine extraction method. Sichuan Zhangjiaba Chemical Plant has been using the above several methods of halogen extraction.

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