Professional brand of five tons truck crane price is still very high, and some of their own industries only need a small tonnage with the car can be, so the purchase of basic style is sufficient to use, the price is also very favorable. Nowadays there are many similar vehicle brands on the market, and the price of the truck crane itself is not too low, and it is often used in the transportation process. Therefore, we must especially understand the relevant information of the industry and know what type of vehicle should be selected. s brand.


Big brand products can't go wrong. If you do not know what brand of five-ton truck crane is more suitable for us to use, or do not know which brand of vehicle is the best price, you can directly pick the big brand truck crane that everyone is very recognized. This type of brand produces more types of vehicles, and the brand will perform an overall inspection on all vehicles to ensure that each item meets the relevant requirements of the country before it leaves the factory, so that product quality is no problem, and naturally it is ours. Preferred.

Average price comparison. In fact, we can simply compare the average price of the five-ton truck crane. Some brands have opened their own official website and can directly see the corresponding products of different brands on the Internet, so that we can also clearly Know what the other party's offer is. We only need to know an approximate average price, so when choosing a brand to carry a crane, we can at least know what kind of price is about the average level.

What services are provided. The frequency of five tons of truck cranes is relatively high, and there must not be any failure. Otherwise, safety problems will easily arise. Therefore, we must determine what the corresponding after-sales service of the brand is, and whether the pre-sale service meets our requirements. As long as there is no problem with the service provided by the brand, the quality of the vehicle does not need us to worry. Any problems can be found in time to find the after-sales service personnel. Vehicle breakdowns can also be easily resolved.

Laser Cutting Parts

(1) It is used as a variety of industrial metal parts that like electronic component, auto spare parts, 

home appliance, industrial equipment...etc.Material based on SPCC and SGCC, stainless steel, aluminum alloy5052, 6063, 6061, Stainless steel 304, 316, 201, carbon steel,etc.

(2) Software for specification drawings: Pro/E, Auto CAD, PDF, IGES/IGS, STP/STEPS, X_T, DXF etc..

(3) High precision as following: Carbon steel: 0.5mm~16mm,Stainless steel: 1mm~8mm,Aluminum alloy: 1mm~8mm,Brass: 1mm~4mm.

Accuracy: positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm, Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm

(4) Main poduction machine: Laser Cutting Machine, CNC punching machine, welder, CNC bending machine

(5) Surface treatment: Polishing, grinding, gavanized, powder coating, nickel, zinc, chrome, silver, gold plating etc.

(6) For packing: A variety of packing methods can be used according to customers' requirement, such as carton , wood box, wood crate and pallet etc.

Laser Cutting Parts

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